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Forum Update Introducing Marianan IDs!


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Mar 31, 2023
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If you were there then you'll know what this thread is about...

After much tinkering (and discovering there was an addon for it all along) I finally made the Marianan ID system work! What's this you ask? Basically when you joined the forum a unique number was assigned to your account as an identifier; these were not visible until now as you can now see them on your profile, forum posts, user menu tab, etc. Why did I add this you ask? Well, back in the day I used to play a now dead in the water game called Blockland and when you bought the game a unique ID was assigned to your account to identify who you were, and the users took pride in these numbers, even trying to roll for special ones (69, 420, 100, etc). I wanted to bring this feature to the Mariana Bay as not only is your number unique to you but shows how long you've been with the forum in a way that just isn't your join date. Just so you know these numbers are not in entirely accurate to when you joined (i.e. @informer is member 100 but his ID doesn't say so) and to be honest I don't know how the system allocates them, but what I do know is when I first made this site I did have a few dud accounts I played around with and deleted so I'm guessing they took some of the number IDs with them, hence why the IDs are slightly off (except my own).

Anyways fellas, what number ID did you get? Share in this thread, especially if you got a good one! I've even enabled you fellas to be able to view all the registered members on the Members tab now so you can see who got the best ones ;)

PS: You can now see how many threads you've made on your posts within threads now too.
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