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  1. Dwayne

    Question Anyone else having issues accessing the site under certain IP addresses?

    It's been brought up to me twice this week that people are having issues accessing the site under certain IP addresses, partiuclarly mullvad ones, and I was wondering if this is affecting anyone else? I know why this is happening, its due to me having downloaded a banlist of potentially...
  2. Dwayne

    Forum Update Mariana Bay Now Has Giphy Support! Also Chat Finally Has Working Commands

    @Daryl asked and I came through, as of today you can now post gifs on Mariana Bay. It was actually surprinsingly easy to do, I dunno why I did not do this earlier... Tap the button above and get started, it also works in the IRC too! In other news, the IRC has not only been updated but you can...
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    Site logo
  4. Khastle

    Question Should I try the "Mariana Bay" wine?

    For those uninformed, on the google keyword ranking our site name is currently mogged by Marina Bay in Singapore and..... an ASDA wine called "Mariana Bay Sauvignon Blanc", a cheap wine I must add..... Very insulting...
  5. Mariana Bay Retro Banner

    Mariana Bay Retro Banner

    Made by @chmod
  6. Dwayne

    Info Mariana Bay Tip Jar (Ko-Fi)

    Since some people have asked I have made a site tip jar for one off donations for when you'd prefer to send a single donation than having to sign up for a monthly subscription. Obviously no obligiation to donate and this is only for those who wish to assist the forum finanically. Link to the...
  7. Dwayne

    Announcement Mariana Bay Sticker Campaign (Claim Free Stickers!)

    Mariana Bay Sticker Campaign That's right, your boy has been busy devising new ways to shill the site and this is probably the most unique way I've come up with yet: a sticker campaign. What I have here is 70x 5x4 heavy duty stickers that will survive outdoors rain and sun, and you (our users)...
  8. chmod

    Art Mariana Bay Classic Banners

    thread for retro advertisements for mariana bay. there isn't a 88x31 button for the site right? churned this one out quick, will post a better one if I get around to it
  9. Dwayne

    Event Mariana Bay Turns 1!

    Mariana Bay Turns 1! Thanks to Robelle for the art ( ----- Yup, not only is it Easter but also the Mariana Bay's birthday! It's crazy the forum has turned one as time feels like it has flown by and now here we are on this fateful anniversary of the forum's...
  10. Dwayne

    Announcement New Privileges for Long-Term Members (Webm Support & More!)

    That's right, for veteran members of the forum (that I trust) I have introduced new privileges for you on the forum! This is my way of letting you enjoy Mariana Bay more and a thanks for using the site, what are these new permissions for those lucky to get given V.I.P. status? Webm support! The...
  11. Dwayne

    Announcement The MarianaCast is back on Spotify!

    For reasons stated elsewhere I had to reupload our podcast to Spotify which is a bit annoying but oh well, these things happen. But yes, now all episodes are uploaded back onto Spotify! I'm releasing them on a daily basis as that's suppose to be better for the algorithm but by the end of the...
  12. Dwayne

    Question What Should Be the Fate of the Music Boards?

    Surely as many of you have noticed the music boards barely get used as much as the other boards, this is not a problem as users are free to use and browse this forum as they wish, but I see no point in there being two boards for music considering the activity levels of both. What I'm planning...
  13. Dwayne

    Forum Update Introducing Marianan IDs!

    If you were there then you'll know what this thread is about... After much tinkering (and discovering there was an addon for it all along) I finally made the Marianan ID system work! What's this you ask? Basically when you joined the forum a unique number was assigned to your account as an...
  14. Khastle

    Cartoons Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Review

    Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Review Intro: Preface First off, I'll go in stating before watching this I had little to no idea what Scott Pilgrim was about at all. I'd heard about it in passing, that it's some 2000s comic series about a guy having to fight his crush's evil ex boyfriends in order to...
  15. Dwayne

    Announcement 100 MEMBERS CELEBRATION!

    100 MEMBERS CELEBRATION! I can't believe it but as of the 5th of November of 2023 we have reached 100 members on the Mariana Bay. Thanks so much to those who have stuck around and believed in this small forum despite its size and whatever flaws it may have. You guys are awesome and I'm happy to...
  16. Dwayne

    Info Mariana Bay's Patreon

    As a few were unaware I thought I'd make an info thread about it but yes the Mariana Bay has a Patreon! ( I made this for those who are particularly passionate about the forum and wish to help fund it's maintenance and development. A simple forum like this...
  17. Dwayne

    Announcement A New Way to Share the Mariana Bay! (Mariana Bay Trailer Webm)

    The Mariana Bay Trailer Webm! I don't usually allow .webm support on here (takes up way too much space and harder to moderate) but I'm making an exception to this rule to share our new promotional webm! Now it's even easier to shill the Mariana Bay on your various forums, imageboards, and...
  18. mariana-bay-webring.gif


    The Site's Webring
  19. Dwayne

    Announcement Mariana Bay Late 2023 Plan & Onwards

    Just wanted to share my plans for the forum going forward. As I have been busy with uni communication on here hasn't been great so wanted to share some bits of what I have planned for this forum so you have a good idea what I want to do with it going into the following months: (Also writing...
  20. Khastle

    Announcement Making that Neocities Redirect

    University told me to play around with HTML so yeah gonna throw something together, nothing too special but after this might revive some of my old site projects and work on them again too. Anyways, the site exists now which I will link below: Any ideas for it...
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