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  1. V

    Forum Update Forum Theme Update!

    🏴‍☠️ Forum Theme Update! 🏴‍☠️ Greetings, adventurers of the digital realm! Our community's landscape has transformed, embarking on a new era. We're excited to unveil the enhancements that redefine our forum's aesthetics. Here's what's new: Wallpaper & Colors: Embrace our reimagined...
  2. Dwayne

    Announcement Harsher Restrictions on Certain Topics

    Due to unfortunate discussions that have happened on the forum in the last two days I'm taking harsher measures on the discussion of certain topics (i.e. Aoc and generally weird shit) in order to not taint the current discussions on this forum and to deter similar weirdos from joining. If you...
  3. Dwayne

    Announcement New Privileges for Long-Term Members (Webm Support & More!)

    That's right, for veteran members of the forum (that I trust) I have introduced new privileges for you on the forum! This is my way of letting you enjoy Mariana Bay more and a thanks for using the site, what are these new permissions for those lucky to get given V.I.P. status? Webm support! The...
  4. Dwayne

    Question What Should Be the Fate of the Music Boards?

    Surely as many of you have noticed the music boards barely get used as much as the other boards, this is not a problem as users are free to use and browse this forum as they wish, but I see no point in there being two boards for music considering the activity levels of both. What I'm planning...
  5. Dwayne

    Announcement Mariana Bay's 2024 Plan

    Direction for the Forum in 2024 Hello users of the Mariana, 2023 has been an interesting year for this forum huh? We have had loads of great discussions, reached over 100 members which I didn't expect so soon but here we are, and reached daily activity on here which is awesome to see. Overall...
  6. Dwayne

    Serious Criticisms of the Bay & How We Can Improve

    Criticisms of the Bay and How We Can Improve Morning all, I made this post to go over the main criticisms our forum gets and how we can improve going forward so this site can be even better going forward. 2024 approaches soon and by April time this forum will be over a year which is crazy to...
  7. Dwayne

    Forum Update Introducing Marianan IDs!

    If you were there then you'll know what this thread is about... After much tinkering (and discovering there was an addon for it all along) I finally made the Marianan ID system work! What's this you ask? Basically when you joined the forum a unique number was assigned to your account as an...
  8. Dwayne

    Announcement Mariana Bay Late 2023 Plan & Onwards

    Just wanted to share my plans for the forum going forward. As I have been busy with uni communication on here hasn't been great so wanted to share some bits of what I have planned for this forum so you have a good idea what I want to do with it going into the following months: (Also writing...
  9. Khastle

    Casual Admin University Update

    Hi, as you know I've been very quiet on here for the last two weeks. No, it's not because I'm depressed or seriously ill but yeah I've just been at university and it's actually been going really fucking good. I've made a great friend group already and have been up to loads, compared to college...
  10. Dwayne

    Announcement New Mariana Bay Instagram!

    Woah, another new forum related page! What could this one be about? That's right, we now have a page on Instagram and it's called "marianamemes". As you can guess it's going to be a meme shitpost page where I plan on creating forum related memes (involving yours truly) in hopes of bringing more...
  11. Dwayne

    Announcement Daryl is our new Mod!

    Everyone clap and wish him luck moderating this hellhole. The last mod barely used the forum so I needed someone to fill his boots and Daryl stepped up to the occasion, also he helped me ban loads of potentially dangerous IPs so he is a great IT guy also. Also you now can check for any staff...
  12. Dwayne

    Announcement The New Forum Blog!

    The site's new blogfront is now finally up and somewhat presentable! You can visit it through this link ( or through the site's logo on the social's tab to the left of the YouTube button: I hate I have to state this but no, this is obviously not replacing the forum...
  13. Dwayne

    Forum Update Working on Prefixes

    Yes, even more forum updates are being done, what a busy bee I am! About time I put that energy into promoting this place lmao. Anyways, as you can see I've already done a few prefixes and will add more tomorrow, these will help you identify threads that may interest you and overall organizes...
  14. Dwayne

    Forum Update Major Forum Layout Change Incoming!

    The people have spoken and thanks to the vote the decision has been made to reduce the amount of boards on the forum. This is being done to help forum activity and get rid of boards which aren't really finding any use, maybe boards will be readded as we get bigger but for now we are cutting...
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