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Mar 31, 2023
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A small post about articles and how they should be submitted on the Mariana Bay. Tbh these are like unofficial rules but I'd like to post about this anyways as I feel it will benefit the forum in terms of content being uploaded and if you choose not to follow these rules I don't really care but I'm stating the following regardless.

For those unfamiliar, articles can be posted on the sub boards which are usually on top of their respective main boards, and generally should be used for topics where you wish to go into more depth than you would on say your average thread. Usually there is a thread on each board's stickies explaining what the article sub boards on that board are all about in case you're unsure what is acceptable to be posted there, which hopefully answers any questions you may have about them and if not usually you can reply to these threads if you have something to ask.

Here on the Mariana Bay we would prefer you post your own original articles and at the very least write about your chosen subject in your own words. Copy and pasting some thread from 4chan or reddit or wherever is just lazy and I would like to see actual effort put into articles. Taking inspiration or talking about subjects from elsewhere is fine, just be original. Also try to make your articles engaging with images or media links too as they help bring the articles to life and make them more interesting to viewers. You're allowed to repost articles you have submitted on other sites but mention where it's been sourced from, moreover, and this all applies to all articles, please link your sources if possible as it makes them look more professional (if they can be sourced).

That's it really. In the end, as stated earlier, I couldn't care too much if you don't follow these guidelines; just looks better on us if we aren't running about and stealing people's work from elsewhere, and are actually putting effort into the content we post on this forum.
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