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Media Analysis

Share your deep dives into the flims, games, tv shows, animes, etc, you love.
Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Review Intro: Preface First off, I'll go in stating before watching this I had little to no idea what Scott Pilgrim was about at all. I'd heard about it in passing, that it's some 2000s comic series about a guy having to fight his crush's evil ex boyfriends in order to date her and that it had some movie and videogame made for it at one point, but other than that I went into this rather blind with no nostalgia based bias, looking at it more at face value. Did I enjoy it? Yeah. Is it an animated masterpiece? Not at all, however the show is new enough and fresh enough in mind, having binged all eight episodes last night with my girlfriend, for me to want to write up a review about it for those who might also be...
I did this deep dive video essay/documentary on Serial Experiements Lain a couple years back. It's been pretty positively received, so I figured I'd share it here. The video itself goes pretty indepth and I wouldn't be able to do a good summary of it. But it's just as the title says, it's an analysis of how Lain accurately predicted where the world was heading as well as being an investigation regarding what it was responding to at the time.
This is one of my favorite movies ever. i recently saw it again, one of my faves...i think this is the first time ive watched it as a MAN (i watched it lots in highschool)... the plot is basically: a kid named william miller grows up sheltered with an overbearing but sweet mom who hates rock and roll and stuff. but he wants to be a rock critic and ends up falling into a position with Rolling Stone magazine interviewing a band and goes on tour with them (the band is fictionalized but is a combination of a bunch of 70s bands). its a great movie for me because it is such a potent portrayal of that era in a young man's life where you stop being a boy and you become a man. its kind of a portrayal of what these 2 worlds colliding looks and...
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