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Mar 31, 2023
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Welcome to the Mariana Bay, a little piece of Heaven located in the Mediterranean off the Italian coast. Beautiful weather, pretty women, vibrant wildlife; why wouldn't you want to come here? The Mariana welcomes all, from your working class tailor to your multimillionaire mogul, however there are guidelines you must follow to not only make your stay better for yourself but the great fellas in our community also. I'd hate to have to make you disappear but sometimes that's simply business.

RULE 1: No hateful misconduct

In order to keep a positive and friendly atmosphere here in the Bay, we ask you to watch your tongue and to think before you post. We are all for free speech here and couldn't care about what political affiliation you assign to, but we would prefer you behave whilst on the Bay. Additionally, no promotion of extremist ideologies or discriminatory posts that target people based on their ethnic, religious, or sexual background(s); while serious discussions discussing these topics is allowed, outright prejudice is not.

RULE 2: No doxxing, raiding, or malicious behavior

The Mariana Bay does not support or endorse the harassment of other forums or sites and takes the privacy of it's users very seriously. Using the Mariana Bay to leak info, conduct raids, or doing any other kind of dodgey dealings will not be tolerated, and our mods have full right to ban you if they suspect you to be a bad actor.

RULE 3: No nudity or gore

This forum is safe for work AKA something you could check up on while out and about, so yeah no 18+ content. There's other places for it and here ain't the place.

Rule 4: No minors

Yes, I'm aware there are those who will slip through the cracks but I have to declare that no under 18s are allowed here.

Rule 5: No spam

This one is self-explanatory. You intentionally crap up the boards with nonsense which has no substance, I.e. low quality threads and consecutive posts of jargon, then you're getting the boot, simple as. As of 19/02/2024 this rule also applies for making threads based on topics that are already being discussed elsewhere on the forum (use similar threads to find out if it is).

Rule 6: Please be respectful to your fellow users.

Playful banter is fine but there's a certain line where jokes and teasing can go too far. Just don't be a dick and respect boundaries, really don't have to explain this one too in-depth.

Rule 7: No discussions about weird stuff like AoC or illegal content
Simple as really, ain't hard to follow. If we find you agreeing with certain weird topics you may get the boot.

Rule 8: No Alt Accounts
Unless you have a reason to have one (and you probably don't) no alt accounts.
Now that you've read these rules, if you could check yourself in on the introductions thread so we can file your paperwork for your residency on the Bay that would be great:


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