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Forum Update The Broken Core & Tune Town Have Merged Into One Board!


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Mar 31, 2023
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After a community vote I have merged the two existing music boards into one, this was done due to the general inactivity on The Broken Core board and the fact I, and a few others agreed, that not much warranted the two music boards being separate entities. FYI: All your threads posted on The Broken Core are fine and have been transferred over, I'm not *that* thick, however any rewards you did earn from posting on The Broken Core are now gone but considering only me and like one other person even posted there I doubt too many people lost forum experience points. Everything will remain the same on the music board and it will still be the place to share the music you love or even music you have made yourself, I also like how the board is now bigger than the others too since undergroundmusic is our forum's central theme and all.
All that being said I have realized I didn't actually ask the users what to name the new merged board, I went with Mariana Underground as it had a nice ring to it but any suggestions feel free to shoot. Also the design as it is temporary, I went with this:

But I did see others I quite liked also such as this one:


If anyone has a better image for the new merged board feel free to post in this thread.

That's all for now, thanks to those who took part in the poll and gave their opinion on this matter, your feedback helps a lot.
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