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  1. Khastle

    Music Tech CD Collecting General

    Share your CD collections or recent purchases on this thread! Here's a recent purchase of mine, straight from Japan!
  2. Khastle

    City Pop Himiko Kikuchi's Album's "Flying Beagle" & "Sevilla Breeze" Get Repressed Almost 40 Years!

    I still can't believe this happened but Sony saw the popularity her music was getting on YouTube outside and inside Japan and now 37 years later they have decided to repress two of her most popular albums on CD once more. Obviously I've bought both as I didn't want to miss the opportunity as...
  3. cultofgettingoutofcults

    Experimental i searched "poopcore" on youtube

    some samples of what i found
  4. S0G

    Technology Good sound system for CD/DVD, Vinyl and cassette

    I am looking to build up a full sound system to listen to CDs/DVDs, vinyls and cassettes. What are your recommendation for such setup ? What AMP would you recommend ? What kind of speakers and which brand ? There is no specific theme to which I'd like to stick out (though I will always and...
  5. Dwayne

    Info Welcome to the Mariana Underground!

    Here is your go-to place to discuss the music that you love. As long as it relates to music it belongs here, especially lesser-known underground tunes as that's what we are all about on the bay! All in all, feel free to discuss on this board: -Your Favorite Music/Artists/Albums -Your Music &...
  6. Dwayne

    Forum Update The Broken Core & Tune Town Have Merged Into One Board!

    After a community vote I have merged the two existing music boards into one, this was done due to the general inactivity on The Broken Core board and the fact I, and a few others agreed, that not much warranted the two music boards being separate entities. FYI: All your threads posted on The...
  7. Null

    Experimental Unknown/Lost/Mystery Songs

    Ŭ̶͈n̵̰̐k̸̮͊n̴̮̎ơ̴͜w̶̡̽n̶̦̉/̴͍̒L̸̟̊o̶͍̕s̷̢̅t̴̢̓/̵̥̐Ḿ̴̹y̸̩͗s̶̼̕t̵̠͛ĕ̸̖r̵̤͊y̴̯͒ ̶̧̉S̵̢͠o̶̝͝n̶̹͑ḡ̶͚s̵̢̊ Post songs that to this day aren't identified (artist/s, real title, year, origin, etc); lost (only fragments of it remains)/songs of obscure origins; songs being used in esoteric...
  8. Dwayne

    Question What Should Be the Fate of the Music Boards?

    Surely as many of you have noticed the music boards barely get used as much as the other boards, this is not a problem as users are free to use and browse this forum as they wish, but I see no point in there being two boards for music considering the activity levels of both. What I'm planning...
  9. Dwayne

    Forum Update EXPERIMENTAL: New Audio Upload Feature

    So this is experimental and I really need to tweak this but yeah we have a new audio upload feature, this will allow you to share your favorite songs on your profile and they can even be accessed from the audio library tab on the forum. However, this feature is still in testing and I don't know...
  10. Khastle

    Casual Music Drops

    Discuss the latest music drops out there in this thread. I literally just scored this and I'm hype asf, so awesome to have this in my collection:
  11. Khastle

    Gaming Videogame Soundfont Album Remixes

    Videogame Soundfont Remixes As of recent I've come across remixes of albums based off the soundfonts of different games, usually these are made with the use of AI and music editing software, and some of the results I have seen have been awesome. I made this thread so I could share some of them...
  12. Khastle

    Meme Shit Songs

    Shit Songs Post your worst.
  13. Khastle

    Casual Song Remixes that are better than the Original

    Here's a good discussion, what are some songs out there that are good but have a remix that just absolutely mogs it in terms of quality? One of the main ones I can think of is "You reposted in the wrong neighbourhood", a popular remix on 2016's YouTube which blew the original song by Eminem...
  14. Khastle

    Jungle Jungle Fatigue

    Jungle Fatigue is one of my favourite music compilation series to come out in the last year and the third one is as awesome as the last so I wanted to share it on here: I believe the cassettes are still up for grabs if you wish to get one, I have ofc as same with the last one: Great comp...
  15. Anxious_&_Afraid_texture5.png


    my bandmate made some neat art for us
  16. Khastle

    Anime & Manga Awesome Anime Intros/Outros

    Recently started watching Great Teacher Onizuka and have fell in love with it's intro so I've decided to make a thread for anime intros that go extremely hard. Outros are allowed too!
  17. Dwayne

    Announcement New Sub-Board: Music Analysis

    Hey, if you haven't noticed I've made a new sub-board for posting articles you've written on the music artists you love, techniques used in certain genres, and the creation process of different albums and etc. There wasn't really a good sub-board for talking about this in-depth so I made one and...
  18. Bibr

    Content Creation Small content dump by Bibr

    Sup everyone, A while back I mentioned in the chat that I was going to be doing a podcast with my friend. It's finally time to share it with you all. It's in Polish, so most of our talk will sound like a gibberish, but for anyone interested, here's a list of the songs we played...
  19. Khastle

    Rock Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth has Died Sad news today in the music world, Steve Harwell has died. For those unfamiliar, he was the singer of All Star, yes, that song in Shrek which the band is most known for. He died from liver failure which is...
  20. Khastle

    Gaming Videogame Music Exchange

    Videogame Music Exchange How the hell has this not been made yet? Post banging vidya game music in here, thx.
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