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  1. Khastle

    Serious Windows 11's New Co-Pilot AI Spyware!

    Need another reason to switch to Linux? Just look at the new absolutely brilliant piece of spyware they are adding to Windows 11 (if it didn't have enough). With their new AI they will be literally recording your screen, keylogging you, and passing any of this data that they wish to their cloud...
  2. Quest

    Artist Montell Fish released this new video

    And oh MAN am I in love!!! I've loved all the cryptic kind of videos he's done so far, if you look at his YouTube you'll find more and they're all great.
  3. Jundle

    Misc /biz/ Sets New Precedent : Email Verification

    Just happened to see a sturdychan shill post about it before getting nuked by the jannies on /v/. As of 4/13 all /biz/ posters are required to use a new email verification system to post in the hopes of quelling the constant influx of shills and scammers. Supposedly all the emails are nuked...
  4. Dwayne

    Announcement Help Pick a New Reaction Image!

    This was requested by @Punished_Senko awhile back and I figured I'd do another batch of reactions now because why not, but yes I need your help picking the next one of two new reaction images. The first one I've already chosen which is gonna be is the "Confused" reaction as a bunch of odd...
  5. Dwayne

    Announcement New Privileges for Long-Term Members (Webm Support & More!)

    That's right, for veteran members of the forum (that I trust) I have introduced new privileges for you on the forum! This is my way of letting you enjoy Mariana Bay more and a thanks for using the site, what are these new permissions for those lucky to get given V.I.P. status? Webm support! The...
  6. Dwayne

    Forum Update The Broken Core & Tune Town Have Merged Into One Board!

    After a community vote I have merged the two existing music boards into one, this was done due to the general inactivity on The Broken Core board and the fact I, and a few others agreed, that not much warranted the two music boards being separate entities. FYI: All your threads posted on The...
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