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Lolcow Yanderedev: The World's Lamest Programmer


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Apr 2, 2023
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Dwayne's Basement, Mariana Bay
Yanderedev: The World's Lamest Programmer

Alex Mahan, more commonly known as Yanderedev, is a lolcow I've been following for years now and I wanted to make a thread dedicated to laughing at his antics as they are really something special (and absolutely abhorrent).

For those out of the loop, Yanderedev is the creator and lead programmer of the still in-complete game called Yandere Simulator that's been in development for almost ten years now; the game is buggy, is barely 20% finished after all these years, and it took him almost 8 years for him to finish the first in-game rival out of like 8. If it was just a shitty game then that'll be all there is to this post but oh no it goes deeper as it's developer is one of the biggest internet degenerates going that unfortunately got a platform and has been running his name into the ground since with his shitty opinions, weirdness towards female fans, and utter inability to work on his game and finish it. Somehow, despite all this, he has retained fans despite his internet footprint being really bad and embarrassing even before the recent event that has tarnished his name to such a degree that people doubt he can return.

Because a few weeks after this video was released Alex Mahan was caught talking inappropriately with an underaged fan on Snapchat, the main screenshot from the fallout being pretty memeworthy to say the least

F7JWTAyXwAAZCG5 (1).jpeg

A full compliation and deep dive on this situation can be found in this video by Turkey Tom which covers this subject quite well to say the least

Anyways, laugh at Yanderedev.
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