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  1. Admiral

    Gaming Semi-obscure vidya you've genuinely enjoyed playing

    In this thread I'd like to share my personal favorite obscure/unpopular vidyas. Feel free to reply with your own, don't forget to give a quick review/description/criticism. Screenies and gameplay footage is appreciated. Starsector - a bastard child of Mount & Blade and Stellaris Sci-Fi based...
  2. jnoj

    Gaming Devil Daggers / HYPER DEMON General

    Welcome, to the Devil Daggers & HYPER DEMON general. Since there's a number of you guys who already play one or both games, I figured we could get this thread going. We can use it to to talk about these games and for posting your PRs for either. Never heard of either of these games? Great...
  3. Khastle

    Gaming E3 is dead After all these years E3 has...
  4. Khastle

    Gaming GTA VI Trailer

    So, who's hyped for this? I've never been big on the GTA series but the reveal was big enough news that its worth sharing on here.
  5. jnoj

    Gaming Sonic The Hedgehog Megathread

    So, it seems like a number of members here are based Sonic the Hedgehog connoisseurs, so I wanted to get a thread going to commemorate our blue chili dog loving hero and the games/comics/other media you can find him in and would like to share. I'll get us kicked off with some of my favorite...
  6. Khastle

    Gaming Videogame Soundfont Album Remixes

    Videogame Soundfont Remixes As of recent I've come across remixes of albums based off the soundfonts of different games, usually these are made with the use of AI and music editing software, and some of the results I have seen have been awesome. I made this thread so I could share some of them...
  7. Khastle

    Gaming Dagothposting

    Dagothposting I love this fella, post memes and all things related to him in this thread.
  8. Khastle

    Film FNAF Movie

    SPOILERS BELOW OK, so who saw it and what did you think?
  9. Khastle

    Lolcow Yanderedev: The World's Lamest Programmer

    Yanderedev: The World's Lamest Programmer Alex Mahan, more commonly known as Yanderedev, is a lolcow I've been following for years now and I wanted to make a thread dedicated to laughing at his antics as they are really something special (and absolutely abhorrent). For those out of the loop...
  10. Khastle

    Gaming Videogame Music Exchange

    Videogame Music Exchange How the hell has this not been made yet? Post banging vidya game music in here, thx.
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