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  1. Khastle

    Kino Nonce Hunting Videos

    I've been watching a lot of nonce hunting videos recently and find them to be amusing background noise. For those unfamiliar, nonce hunting is a well renowned British sport where pedos get baited with fake profiles of what they believe to be young children and then dragged outside, and recorded...
  2. Khastle

    Meme Shit Songs

    Shit Songs Post your worst.
  3. Khastle

    Radio & Podcasts True Capitalist Radio

    True Capitalist Radio/The Ghost Show True Capitalist Radio, what an internet classic. For the uninformed, True Capitalist Radio is an online broadcast that began way back in 2008 and contrary to many internet shows still runs to this day, though usually under the name of the Ghost Show...
  4. Khastle

    Lolcow Yanderedev: The World's Lamest Programmer

    Yanderedev: The World's Lamest Programmer Alex Mahan, more commonly known as Yanderedev, is a lolcow I've been following for years now and I wanted to make a thread dedicated to laughing at his antics as they are really something special (and absolutely abhorrent). For those out of the loop...
  5. aros

    Lolcow seasideMARK thread

    alright mah leeeeeeds am in swanage dee lads am in swanage dee lads
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