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Forum Update First Week Summary & Changelog


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Mar 31, 2023
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As of yesterday marked the first week of the Mariana Bay's life. Though there is still much to be done, and I don't want to really advertise this place until May, much has already been achieved and I'm happy with the progress so far. Thanks to those who did join early and helped test things here and there, and those who haven't joined and are reading this, you're very much free to join also. I added a pickaxe badge redeemable for those who joined early, which I'm sure some have noticed, as a small reward for the early adopters of this site.

To give a brief summary of what's been achieved so far this week on the site (from top of my head, might miss stuff ):
+Added grid nodes
+Finalized all the categories
+Added sub boards for categories for articles
+Added anti bot sign up system
+Added wallpapers which were courtesy of a friend
+Added node wallpapers
+Removed the body header as it looked ugly
+Added IRC chat
+Added a media gallery which archives thread images
+Created the official twitter, youtube, and patreon (all need to be polished tho)
+Resized avatar sizes so they are not stupidly tiny
+Added badges which will work as special awards compared to the trophies that will be the basic reward system
+Wrote the rules
+Created a manual vetting system to prevent bad actors easily getting in
+Added god knows how many addons so the site looks better and runs smoothly
+Added a favicon which isn't final FYI
+Various aesthetic changes and what not
+Style changes and making the site look tidy
-Removed Herobrine

That's about it, probably forgot something down the line but oh well. I hope to make this forum a great place for you lads and we get a nice little community going. Really am eager that we get somewhere as I'm really passionate about the small web revival movement (I think that's what they call it) and I hope our community will be one of many independent forums that successfully fight against the corporate control of online information and discussion.
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