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Forum Update Second Week Summary & New Awards System


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Mar 31, 2023
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Welcome to the week two summary! A lot has been achieved for the site this week, which I'm not gonna list 100% as frankly I can't remember half of it, but to name a few new features added to our forum:

+Gif avatars, now your avatar can move around (fancy!)
+Actually readable node text
+Node header aesthetic change
+The forum logo!!!
+Featured threads tab
+New media tab
+Node pictures finally sorted
+Various behind the screens site loading improvements
+Readded the ignore (blocking) system that I for some reason disabled somehow
+Forum list search improvements
+Attachment improvements
+Chatroom improvements
+New Awards System

With that out of the way I will now discuss the badges and awards, two different collectibles you can obtain from using this site. Both are different and unique in their own way and I hope to make sense of it below:



Under your username you may have noticed a strange looking pickaxe. That is what's called a Forum Badge, a rarer achievement that can be obtained on the forum through only special events or circumstances. This one in particular is only given to those who joined the site's beta and will no longer be accessible in the future so all who join now will be able to obtain it. Forum badges are more visible and showey offey compared to awards so if you obtain one, congrats, you achieved something special in your life.



Another new addition is awards, more minor achievements that are obtained through posting on the forum. There are normal post ones, forum specific ones, and even special ones for more minor achievements that don't belong in any other categories but also don't warrant a badge. These will hopefully help encourage use of all our boards and make it fun to do so also as you try to be the first to collect all the awards.


That's pretty much it for forum updates, from next week we *should* have the domain issue fixed and then from late April we will be able to properly advertise this place. Thanks for the support so far and I hope to work hard to make this little place great for everyone.

Stay Safe - Dwayne 🚬
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