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Vent submission is too strong a smell to cover up, so spread that shit everywhere

everybody on the internet argues like they know everything at any given time. those people are bad at measuring the distance between the tantrums they throw when they're trying to prove a point and the point they're trying to prove. i guess when everyone's had their way with you-- from the people you serve 1/3 of the day, all the way back to your mommy and daddy creators --you only have what little is left of you to form your self and your opinions. why wouldn't all your systems be wired to preemptively defend against attack at every opportunity after that much abuse? and by the people who have so much power and influence over you? blah blah blah argue, but your points are weak. you don't make good decisions because you were conditioned to react to every encounter as a decision between starting a fight or not starting a fight. do i take it or do i fight back? luckily, that's answered for you. all you have to do is be the beaten weak thing you were conditioned to be and you'll be embraced by the blissfully contrary mother of ignorance and lazy self gratifications. but when self awareness inevitably creeps up as a figment of your imagination who's been taking notes this whole time, you can always fucking kill yourself

the point of this isn't to be insulting but god damn this is retarded. it's so retarded that the only way to speak to it is speak like it-- that leaves almost exactly zero room in the retarded individual for improvement, self awareness, new ideas, reasons to be alive, unless it's to help the retarded individual tolerate being alive long enough for their worst fear and most eager dream to come true and they die

is this the way you wanna live? or maybe you already have a way to argue against what i'm saying? it doesn't take much, all you need to argue is the reason why you didn't wanna try to understand. that's either ignoring it, claiming "you make no sense", or,

too long didn't read: you don't have to be a weak retarded idiot. but the more you fight the things that would make you less weak, retarded, and stupid, the more weak, retarded and stupid you get. if your arguments don't start from within, you'll never see what made you so weak, retarded and stupid in the first place

the world was given to us in shit condition with shit ideas and shittier violently enforced systems and every single fucking person drinks that shit up like cummy-nummies because it goes down faster than a solution they'd have to fuckin make themselves

"wake the fuck up and get the dick out of your ass, you don't have to be stupid anymore" -socratesView attachment 4637


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Jan 29, 2024
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i have zero clue what you're trying to say
how do i know what makes me 'weak' & 'retarded'?
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