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Serious Lost my job


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Apr 2, 2023
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Dwayne's Basement, Mariana Bay
Yeah, bit shit news. No, I didn't get fired, the people actually really liked me there and thought I was a great worker. Sadly however the UK is in a dire economic state and people are simply not buying, and are cutting costs where they can. The business I was working for was hit greatly by people cutting back on expenses that essentially they have had to let go of everyone on temporary contracts as I wasn't the only one in the company who lost their job yesterday.

Now, the Mariana Bay is going to be fine and I have enough in savings to keep this forum up no problem. Unfortunately however forum improvements may come a little slower as obviously I need to be careful with money now being jobless and because I'll be going university in September, so I'm asking if you passionate like me in growing this place and making it even better for the months to come please consider donating to the Patreon as it will definitely help with the hosting costs and site improvements:

This is an unfortunate stumbling block for myself, especially since I want to save up as much money as I can at the moment, but I'm quite good at finding work and fitting into new workplaces, just is such a shame as the job I had was great, the people friendly, the hours ideal, and the original contract quite agreeable as it literally terminated the week before I went to university, but oh well its life and these things happen.
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