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Casual Cooperation-standardization-education(old)

Gentleman, I will let out my frustrations and admit to you that I have had it with this dog eat dog attitude, with the blatant pessimism which only serves to demotivate and demoralize our fellow men. We must come to an understanding that in order to effect change within this reality we must cooperate and cocreate together in order to do it, no dictator ever succeeded alone, he simply used and abused others in order to achieve what he wanted, thus I ask you as I will make great demands of myself, do you know yourself? And can you say hand on heart that you are aware of your own faults and errors to the point of being able to understand your positive and negative impulses?

Gentleman, we are a band of brothers who come from struggle and toil, we're fighting to make a better man before we better the world, so I ask of you, from ever town and city, from every walk of life, come to cooperate under our flag of black and blue, because without one another how can we come to understanding of our experience without each other? They say a house divided cannot stand, is this not true? So come together in a common bond, the curry man, white man, and as brown as half whipped coffee! From the old negro, to the eastern Asian man to! Come together in common bond and make it so that one day this suffering may be known both to me and you!

There is a world that could be,
There is a world that can be,
A place for you,
a place me,
but the evil & profane,
won't let it be!
We don't need them

So dearest men, just what will we do? There must be a standard that we can impose which is honest and realistic onto ourselves, that we may find that it can also apply to others. A standard of conduct and behavior, for it true we don't like low quality post nor do we like those who impose their gross humor just because "its funny". For this last piece, I write onto you seek after wisdom and understand, let not the truth be hidden from you any longer! For the truth is that which does not change!

I will be going on the same road as you, all that matters in the end, do you have the courage and bravery to go ALL THE WAY?!

let us cooperate and work together in a common goal to help those, those who suffer in silence and be kind to one another,
Let us standardize our rules and conduct that it may be objective and true that all can act on it, that which does not cause harm,
Let us educate ourselves and become illumined men beyond our current self! Let us understand this realm and all that is is!

(I wrote this from blackpill club)
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