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  1. Khastle

    Technology Absolutely Insane - Tech Autist Gets Raytracing Working on a SNES

    Ok, so it's come to my attention whilst making this thread that this isn't anything new, with the video(s) being posted three years ago now, but it's honestly so cool that I wouldn't be doing this technology the service it deserves by not sharing it on here. Essentially the fella has taken...
  2. Khastle

    Gaming E3 is dead After all these years E3 has...
  3. Khastle

    Gaming GTA VI Trailer

    So, who's hyped for this? I've never been big on the GTA series but the reveal was big enough news that its worth sharing on here.
  4. Khastle

    Gaming Videogame Soundfont Album Remixes

    Videogame Soundfont Remixes As of recent I've come across remixes of albums based off the soundfonts of different games, usually these are made with the use of AI and music editing software, and some of the results I have seen have been awesome. I made this thread so I could share some of them...
  5. Punished_Senko

    Kino /v/ The Musical

    /v/ the musical has been a yearly thing since 2013, anons from 4chan coming together to make vidya/4chan/meme themed parodies and occasionally a few of their own OG songs, i'll post some of my fave tracks in the replies to this thread, below are the links to download the full archive on MEGA...
  6. Khastle

    Gaming Videogame Music Exchange

    Videogame Music Exchange How the hell has this not been made yet? Post banging vidya game music in here, thx.
  7. Khastle

    Gaming Pokémon General - Mariana Bay's /vp/

    Pokémon General - Mariana Bay's /vp/ This wouldn't be a proper forum without a thread dedicated to Pokémon so I made one. Discuss all things Pokémon: the games, anime, manga, trading card game, romhacks, etc. Anything goes as long as it's related to the series.
  8. Khastle

    DnB Videogame DnB/Jungle

    Been listening to the Street Fighter 3 OST recently and discovered it has some great dnb and jungle inspired tracks within it, and I was wondering what other games have similar music as this is a breakcore/dnb/jungle/breakbeat etc forum after all, and I ought to make make more threads on these...
  9. Tedposter

    Gaming Things that you hate in videogames

    Tell us hate you hate in videogames. What I hate is: Unskippable cutscene: If I want to watch the cutscene I will watch, if I dont feet like watching I will not watching, its seems simple enough but some devs love to force us to watch those cutscene, its especially annoying when you already saw...
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