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  1. sonoban

    Casual Opinion of remote-distance work or school?

    In 2020 there was cause for a huge shift towards remote/online work through programs like Zoom and such. Workplaces and classrooms alike went digital, and I'm certain there's a decent chunk of this board that's had to deal with this. So, what is your opinion of/experience with: Classes online...
  2. ThirdyAughtSix

    Serious Experience with the BlackPill and my opinion on it

    The BlackPill For those unaware , the Blackpill is a series of theories based on genetic determinism and furthermore how it applies to your life , Specifically dating. The general idea of the Blackpill is that your genetics and upbringing ultimately determine how you will be viewed socially in...
  3. ThirdyAughtSix

    High IQ Why are there so many retards? an introspective on TNLS

    If you have been alive for the past 30-50 years you would notice an influx of lobotomites, oxygen thieves , wastes of space ETC that have shown up in modern culture. These individuals are known to be drains and cause no net positivity to their local environment and community . Examples of these...
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