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  1. XieXie

    Jungle VX3000 mixes and documentaries

    Sekia sessions is a jungle/dnb mix that was created by youtube user VX3000 to complement his documentary video on the history of a drifting track in Japan called Sekia Hills. A new mix was just released a day ago so I thought I should post both of them plus the documentary in case anyone is...
  2. Null

    Breakcore In my opinion, the "breakcore" label is cringe. Call it drum and bass or jungle, smh.

    I might just be generalising these three labels but putting -core at the end of everything shows how uncreative zoomers are on making up names. Ok that's all.
  3. Khastle

    Jungle Jungle Fatigue

    Jungle Fatigue is one of my favourite music compilation series to come out in the last year and the third one is as awesome as the last so I wanted to share it on here: I believe the cassettes are still up for grabs if you wish to get one, I have ofc as same with the last one: Great comp...
  4. Khastle

    DnB wipE'out' - The Zero Gravity Soundtrack

    Not sure if anyone is familiar with the PS1 game wipE'out' but it's getting a remixed remaster album of its soundtrack and it's pretty awesome ngl, with that 90s DnB and Jungle you know and love. Check it out below!
  5. Khastle

    Breakcore Awesome Breakcore Playlist

    Was sent this by a guy on Discord and was allowed to share here. A bit of everything Breakcore related is on this playlist and there's a lot to like if Breakcore/dnb/jungle is your thing, check it out here:
  6. Dwayne

    Misc Album of the Day Submissions

    As you can see on the front page we now have an album of the day feature. Hopefully the code I'm using works and it *should* on the daily change to a new album for you to enjoy. I thought this would be a cool tool for discovering great new breakcore/dnb/jungle albums and any albums related to...
  7. Khastle

    DnB Videogame DnB/Jungle

    Been listening to the Street Fighter 3 OST recently and discovered it has some great dnb and jungle inspired tracks within it, and I was wondering what other games have similar music as this is a breakcore/dnb/jungle/breakbeat etc forum after all, and I ought to make make more threads on these...
  8. Khastle

    Jungle Jungle Fatigue Vol. 2 by Jungle Fatigue Kru Review

    Jungle Fatigue Vol. 2 By Jungle Fatigue Kru Review Links: Introduction Hello, and welcome back to another album review. Here's a gem I found on Bandcamp awhile back...
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