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  1. Null

    Breakcore In my opinion, the "breakcore" label is cringe. Call it drum and bass or jungle, smh.

    I might just be generalising these three labels but putting -core at the end of everything shows how uncreative zoomers are on making up names. Ok that's all.
  2. V

    Casual Breakcore drum cover

    The8bitdrummer covers Hkmori I stumbled across this as I've been listening to hkmori recently and was pleasantly surprised. Never heard of this streamer before either. Do y'all like hkmori?
  3. Cyberian Shirayuki

    Music Tech My Cds

    I had some CDs made for my atmospheric DnB tape and was wondering if anyone else still likes CDs? I was thinking about making cassettes but I don't know anyone with a cassette player. What's your thoughts (You can buy my CD here...
  4. Khastle

    Breakcore Awesome Breakcore Playlist

    Was sent this by a guy on Discord and was allowed to share here. A bit of everything Breakcore related is on this playlist and there's a lot to like if Breakcore/dnb/jungle is your thing, check it out here:
  5. Dwayne

    Misc Album of the Day Submissions

    As you can see on the front page we now have an album of the day feature. Hopefully the code I'm using works and it *should* on the daily change to a new album for you to enjoy. I thought this would be a cool tool for discovering great new breakcore/dnb/jungle albums and any albums related to...
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