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Hardcore The Kaizo Manifesto - Kaizo Slumber


The Kaizo Manifesto

The redebut album of Libyan-German artist of Kaizo Slumber, formely known as Acetantina (he rebranded as people struggle to pronounce the name lol), the Kaizo Manifesto is a brilliant reemergence back onto the Hardcore scene. Quite overlooked when it was first released, I wanted to give this album a spotlight as I've been a big fan of it since it's release and I feel it deserves more attention than it initially got. If you like albums with strong 90s and 2000s internet and rave themes to them then you'll love this one.

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Even the physical releases are cool asf but sadly they sold out long ago. I was lucky enough to cop the CD.

Album Review
This album foremost represents retro-futurism and the kinda vibes associated with that, especially from 90s and 2000s forms of hardcore; it has all the traits of an album that could have been from that era and embodies it well, giving it a strong sense of nostalgia to the listener. Kaizo describes this album of his as a clash of hyperfuturism and environmentalism, and this clash of concepts which feel like a contradiction, and I agree with this outlook as each song feels like a fight between different styles: a relaxed calm track which is then quickly taken over by harsh and relentling gabber before shortly returning to the tranquility of before, and this fight between elements can be seen in the song title names though isn't present within all the tracks in which certain styles take the spotlight in a few tracks. This juxtaposition of themes I think is just what makes this album so exciting and enjoyable to listen to, you can't predict where the track is going to go next and it's what makes the album so fun to listen to as it doesn't leave you bored for a second.

I most definitely have some favourites on this album: The Technogaia Accelerates Technology and You! is my definite favourite on this album with it's upbeat and fast paced rhythm that definitely feels like something you'd hear in a 90s moshpit. Carbon Menance is another top pick of mine from the album with it's harsh hitting notes which bring a sense of emergency and chaos to the song that keeps the listener alert to what's to come, and the following track "You Wouldn't Download" feels like a part two to this song as in this carbon menance warned of before has arrived and is bringing terror to those around it. Talking about part 2s, Technogaia's Dystopia Problem feels like the sequel to "The Technogaia Accelerates Technology and You!" as it kinda flips the vibes of its prodecessor on its head, feeling like a warning to the trouble to what this Technogaia that has quickly accelerated could bring unless properly managed. Another favourite I want to mention is Schlierberg as it feels like it's ripped from a 2000s PS2 commerical which is awesome and is overall is one of the most enjoyable tracks on this album for this reason.

I've already observed the themes in the previous paragraph but to give a summary to the perceived story within this album is: I feel it's about a once peaceful world that quickly gets introduced to technology that grows at a rapid rate to a point where it becomes destructive to all around it until eventually engulfing itself when there's nothing yet to attack and after a long hiberation Mother Nature finally once again emerges to take back what was once more. Could be wrong with this analysis but seems to match up with how Kaizo described this album and the clash between futurism and environmentalism. I mean this can even be seen in the last track, The Brightest Green, which is massively difference in contrast to the previous tracks, being tranquil and resembling a land now at peace from a prior threat.

I've gone off on one and gave this album a story which probably isn't there but point is this album is great, it's music exciting, and the way it mixes elements and Y2K themes is done brilliantly. Please give this album a listen and the love it deserves as Kaizo Slumber is seriously underrated and his stuff deserves all the attention it can get. I love this album, the new ones that have come out, and I eagerly look forward to what Kaizo brings next to the table.

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