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DnB Weekend Rush by 3 Peace Sweets Review

Long before the days of online streaming and niche music forums, underground music genres such as Drum & Bass and Jungle were not as mainstream as they are now. Most registered radio stations would not give the time or day and so usually these genres of music would be played on pirate radio stations, illegal installations that would broadcast them over other radio frequencies or on harder to detect ones, with it being very prevalent in English cities especially London during this time period. While most are now gone some do still remain and these stations and their style of music WEEKEND RUSH pays homage too, giving you that underground London music scene vibe that was popular in the 90s while mixing it with day vaporware elements.

First off, I absolutely love the concept of this album. The heyday days of pirate radio stations are long gone and people seem to forget how prevalent they were back before music streaming popped off. It was the music streaming of previous generations after all and anyone could share their music compliations as long as you were careful and made sure where you were broadcasting from wasn't caught, and taken down by the old bill. Pirate Radio stations is what gave these otherwise obscure music genres their voice and this album is a big tribute to the sorts of music that would have been played on these stations. A generation grew up with this music and seeing it emulated into the modern era alongside vaporwave elements is an awesome spin as it makes the album a mix of past and future.

The Music
Fast paced, upbeat, and exquisitely 90s, there's a lot to like in this album. Songs you could definitely drive down the motorway jamming to and make you feel you're back in that era of music. Songs like Brand New Those Games, and It's Not Rite, especially shine and have to be two of my favourites from the album. The additional vapor and synth wave elements blend well too and don't make it sound too modern, instead I'd say enhance the vibes the music gives. What's even better is the 45 minute "live" pirate radio station mix which plays the whole album like it is being broadcast in real time off a radio station from back then, capturing atmosphere that you just *had* to be there to experience.

Overall, this album tackles it's concept and era it takes inspiration perfectly. The songs you could definitely envision being something that would have played back then though I must admit I wasn't around for it so I may be put in place by those who were. I'd definitely recommend giving this album a listen and I look forward to what 3 Peace Sweets produces next if it's similar to this release.

Score: 6/10
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