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Paranormal Cult of Kek: How Pepe the Frog & Chaos Magick helped Trump win the 2016 Election

Cult of Kek: How Pepe the Frog & Chaos Magick helped Trump win the 2016 Election.

An interesting tale for the good patrons of this site and a less spoken about one these days, where Pepe the Frog and numerology supposedly helped Trump become the US President, all thanks to chaos magic from an ancient Egyptian God known simply as Kek.


The word Kek within the internet sphere has humble origins, originating from the Horde faction of WoW and it's use only growing from there reaching max popularity in the mid 2010s, especially on imageboards such as 4chan. The same time Pepe the Frog was also becoming very popular, having first appeared in an obscure comic called Boys Club and quickly becoming an unofficial 4chan mascot which he still is to this day. The two combined, with Pepe becoming associated with the word Kek, and leading to the formation of what is known as the satirical cult known as the Cult of Kek. What's interesting to note is how the word Kek is associated with the Egyptian God known as Kek who was known in a Egyptian mythology to be a God of Chaos, bringer of light, and had a frog's head, keep this in mind. Another fascinating correlation is that of the hieroglyph of Kek which looks like a person staring at a computer like device which was first noted by 4chan users when this strange frog statue below was found on online marketplaces:
Now let's get into the numerology aspect of this mystery. Numerology has played an important part in many sects of ancient occultism and religion, with Galeio Galieli once stating, "grand book – I mean the universe – which stands continually open to our gaze, but it cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics." He wasn't alone in this viewpoint as many ancient scientists and modern ones still do believe mathematics and numbers plays somewhat of a key role in the universes' deeper functioning. Here is an article published in 2015 following the claims of a physicists who had even said to have found what resembled computer code within particles:
Taking note of this, 4chan is known to give a random set of numbers to each individual post as a sort of identifier, 4chan users have been known to take of note of the random set of digits on the end of a post's ID with repeating numbers being seen as good luck i.e. two repeating numbers = dubs, three repeating numbers = trips, four repeating numbers = quads, and etc. 4chan users have been known to use these numbers also in a numerological sense, utilizing them to predict certain world events and their outcomes, and no time in the site's history was this more prevalent than the Trump 2016 election. To give some additional context to the politicial climate around this time, for many in the mainstream news Trump was seen as a joke and very unlikely to win, the underdog of the 2016 presidential race if you will, yet users of /pol/ loved him and his radical political stances, trying to roll lucky digits on their board and create memes as their way of supporting his campaign.

A 4chan user freaking out about frogs and silly numbers ripping apart his realitrino

Before going any further let's talk about the number 7; throughout world history the number seven has been associated with luck and good fortune, with the number being revered in religious texts especially. Around the Trump election people starting associating the number 7 with Kek, citing odd coincidences such as two cities known respectively as "Pepe" and "Kek" being 777 miles apart from each other by foot (yes, it can be slightly adjust to state another number but how close it is is a strange coincidence nevertheless).


Another strange happenstance unrelated to numerology is the existence of a song named Shadilay from the 1980s. Now I'll like you to look at this album's cover and figure out what's unusual about it.


Obviously what's very noticeable at first is the presence of a frog who's smug look no doubt resembles Pepes. But when you look at the band's name is when the coincidence is rather shocking, which is P.E.P.E. The chances of such a song existing and correlating in such a way is extraordinary but the oddities connected to this vinyl aren't finished yet as while direct correlations end here, it's when start observing the more unusual sections of the album is when then this mystery gets freaky. Take a look at the song title's name again and the meaning of the acronym: Point-Emerging-Probably-Entering. What does it mean exactly? Well according to the author of the original blog post of the Cult of Kek mystery, who I'll link here ( and in my sources, he theorizes it's all about probability; the God Kek emerges (emerging) through points (Point) of probability (probably) which mark his entry (Entering). The original vinyl sleeve helps backs this theory also as it strangely looks deadon similar to the Trump Tower clock.



What's exactly going on here? According to the source it's quite literally chaos magick, which is funny coincidence as the track cover literally has the words "Magic Sound" on it also and I believe this helped coining the phrase Meme Magick in the first place. Anyways, one of chaos magicks core tenets is projecting one's will into the universe with the use of sigils. An image is used to power one's belief and the more the sigil is spread the more it gains power eventually creating a hypersigil, only increasing it's power as more and more people think about Pepe and use his image for their benefit or not.


This silly little frog, unbeknownst to most, had become a powerful sigil, and Trump supporters couldn't have had picked a more perfect creature to represent their movement as frogs in a religious sense have been known to have been used to help topple establishments, as Exodus 8:4 states "And the frogs shall come up both on thee, and upon thy people, and upon all thy servants." Followers of the Kek Cult saw what they were doing as a modern version of a plague of frogs from the Book of Exodus, coming down upon the corrupt officials who had silenced their will for too long. Not all is positive from looking through religious lenses however as the Book of Revelations, a book of the Bible detailing the last days of the world which many 4chan /pol/ users believe we are in, states the following in Revelations 16:13: "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet." While who is meant to resemble the dragon and beast is up to interpretation, it's worthy of note that unclean, frog like spirits come from the mouth of a false prophet, could this resemble Trump who while to many was seen as a bringer of light and the one to make America Great Again, he ultimately fell short of his promises and technically left his followers astray? Who knows, but what's clear is as a sigil of chaos and disruption Pepe couldn't have been more perfect.

With all these factors at play, the Cult of Kek were banking on Pepe through it's utilization as a sigil and chaos memetic magick to help Trump win the 2016 election, and on the 19th of June 2016, whilst many a 4chan users were rolling for that perfect set digits, it happened.


A randomly generated straight line of lucky 7s, a numerologists wet dream. Attached was the phrase, "Trump will win". If Trump wasn't gonna win now, no one could, and as we all know he did, and all was history.

The hoard of frogs had won and reigned supreme. Hilary was crushed and Trump was in office. Meme magick or not, Trump was in office, and the Cult of Kek were happy campers. Pepe the frog remains vastly popular to this day though slightly has been upstaged by the likes of wojak(s) which is only natural in meme culture. But the question remains: did Pepe, Kek, and Meme Magick really have an effect on 2016 election? Honestly, it's all up to interpritation and how schizo you really are, but if you are inclined to believe in magic and numerology, then this amount of coincidences would definitely raise an eyebrow and make you think something is definitely up, espeically if you are the highly skeptical type because with the evidence presented so far you would be almost convinced that 4chan users had called upon the powers of an ancient God to help Trump win an election.

All in all, regardless of what you think, we can all agree however that the song Shadilay is groovy as hell.

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