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  1. Khastle

    Conspiracy Was Jimmy Savile a Wizard/Avatar of a Pagan God?

    No, this isn't a meme and I'm 100% serious here, just stumbled down this rabbit hole and when you see the links he had to the occult and various other individuals it's kinda shocking. To those uninformed, Jimmy Savile was one of the most profilic pedophiles in British history (next to Prince...
  2. moomin

    Paranormal Moonshaft What is the moonshaft? "Moonshaft or Mooncave is the name given to a large mysterious object allegedly located somewhere in an unspecified mountain range in Slovakia. Moonshaft was allegedly discovered in 1944 during the Slovak National Uprising by...
  3. Khastle

    Paranormal Personal Paranormal Stories

    This board needs more threads so here's one: personal paranormal stories, or even ones you've heard from friends. If you have any good ones be sure to share them here as we'd love to hear them.
  4. Juice

    Paranormal Incense general

    Just a place to discuss some nasty-fresh incense... Either used as a tool of worship, to ward of evil or to make your clothes smell less like Mary-Jane~~~~
  5. Fisherman Jim

    Paranormal Deepsea Oddities

    Deepsea Oddities The sea holds many a strange beast: giant squids, ancient sharks, @Tedposter's mother, and in this thread we will discuss 'em all. Can be weird recorded creatures, paranormal events that happened at sea or strange sightings reported at sea, it don't matter, it to do with the...
  6. Fisherman Jim

    Paranormal Emojis are Satantic Sigils linked to the Lesser Key of Solomon

    Well ye look at that, I told kids that ye emojis are no good and now they are linked to demonic sigils, would you look at that... Reject Unicode and return to ASCII people!!! Compare these to your favorite emojis...
  7. Khastle

    Paranormal Reoccurring Themes in Mythology, Religion, Folklore & Archaeology Worldwide & What This Can Tell Us About The Past

    (Originally posted by me on another forum on 4/2/2022) What I'm about to propose in this Esoteric article is going to be an especially spicy hot take, which isn't rare for this forum. But basically I'm a believer world religion and mythology are strong reflections of the world of the past...
  8. Khastle

    Paranormal Memphis Rap Sigils

    Memphis Rap Sigils (Originally posted by me on another forum on 20/11/2021) Introduction In this article we will be covering a topic I've been wanting to cover for ages and that is the Memphis Rap Sigils. For those uninformed, the Memphis Rap Sigils are supposed cursed tapes that emerged in...
  9. Khastle

    Paranormal The Hat Man: Have You Seen Him?

    The Hat Man: Have You Seen Him? Prelude This is an article detailing a rather interesting entity spotted all around the globe known simply as The Hat Man. He is tall, imposing, and frightening to look upon, but harmless in nature (mostly). He appears in the realms of dreams and drug...
  10. Khastle

    Paranormal Cult of Kek: How Pepe the Frog & Chaos Magick helped Trump win the 2016 Election

    Cult of Kek: How Pepe the Frog & Chaos Magick helped Trump win the 2016 Election. An interesting tale for the good patrons of this site and a less spoken about one these days, where Pepe the Frog and numerology supposedly helped Trump become the US President, all thanks to chaos magic from an...
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