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  1. Khastle

    World News Doge is a kill at 18 Much sad, very cry
  2. Khastle

    Meme YLYL

    Post the funniest stuff you've got, it can be videos, images, or even webms (if you have V.I.P.) I'll start: [
  3. Khastle

    Meme Funny Prank Calls

    Just rediscovered Ned Calls series again and been having a good laugh with them, share some prank calls that are good as these:
  4. Khastle

    Misc Funny & Interesting Webms

    Since this is now an option on here I've decided to make a thread dedicated to sharing webms you've found funny, interesting, cool, cozy, etc. Yes, you'll need the V.I.P. role (or above) to upload a webm to this thread but you can still respond as normal with other mediums. I'll start:
  5. Khastle

    Casual Daily Super Mario Quiz

    Good morning, Mariana! So, on Twitter I found these Super Mario quiz card images which I assume were made and licensed sometime in the late 80s to early 90s, and due to how absurd some of them are I've decided I'd start a daily quiz from these for users of the forum to answer! The rules are...
  6. Khastle

    Conspiracy Cloned Monkey Being Still Alive After Two Years Indicates Human Cloning May Be Possible

    OK boys, who are we cloning? I'm going with Sydney Sweeney to start, the world will thank me.
  7. Khastle

    Meme Shit Songs

    Shit Songs Post your worst.
  8. Khastle

    Casual Song Remixes that are better than the Original

    Here's a good discussion, what are some songs out there that are good but have a remix that just absolutely mogs it in terms of quality? One of the main ones I can think of is "You reposted in the wrong neighbourhood", a popular remix on 2016's YouTube which blew the original song by Eminem...
  9. Khastle

    Radio & Podcasts True Capitalist Radio

    True Capitalist Radio/The Ghost Show True Capitalist Radio, what an internet classic. For the uninformed, True Capitalist Radio is an online broadcast that began way back in 2008 and contrary to many internet shows still runs to this day, though usually under the name of the Ghost Show...
  10. Khastle

    Gaming Dagothposting

    Dagothposting I love this fella, post memes and all things related to him in this thread.
  11. Khastle

    Rant NoNut November is fucking gay

    Genuinely why is every beta fag obsessed with this lame meme holiday every year? No, I'm not making this because I'm a coomer, I believe abstinence from porn and wanking is good for self-discipline and detoxing your brain from sex obsessed thoughts and lust, but God damn I have some of lamest...
  12. Khastle

    Meme Anarchy

    You know what this thread is and you know the rules. But for those uninformed: this thread has no subject, post what you want.
  13. Khastle

    Meme Cursed AI Art

    Post cursed ones you conjure up or funny ones you come across
  14. Khastle

    Meme One Sentence Story

    Here's a forum game I quite enjoy, it's quite simple: write down a sentence, can be anything as long as it carries on the previous conmenter's post, and then the next poster to continues it. There's very little rules other than it can't end so yeah the main character can die but the next...
  15. Dwayne

    Announcement New Mariana Bay Instagram!

    Woah, another new forum related page! What could this one be about? That's right, we now have a page on Instagram and it's called "marianamemes". As you can guess it's going to be a meme shitpost page where I plan on creating forum related memes (involving yours truly) in hopes of bringing more...
  16. Khastle

    World News Shutting Down & Soybooru Hacked and Wiped

    Not a good week for the chuds out there, basically is shutting down as the admin couldn't afford the server costs no longer (I do wonder how much an imageboard like that costs to run) and Soybooru, the largest archive of wojaks out there, was hacked with every post deleted by what...
  17. Khastle

    Meme MarianaMemes

    This is a call for all users to make memes involving the Mariana Bay, particularly with the use of Dwayne the Cat (our mascot) and to share them in this thread. The memes don't even have to use our mascot, as long as they relevant to the forum then they are ok in my book. This thread will act as...
  18. Khastle

    Meme Dreamybull Endorses the Mariana Bay

    Marianabros... We are so back... For those who don't know, Dreamybull is this guy: Thank you so much On YouTube
  19. Khastle

    Meme Wojak/Soyjak Archive

    Show some of the gemmy wojaks you've collected
  20. Khastle

    Meme Silly Catposting

    Silly Catposting!!! Inspired by @Hierophant and his catposting, use this thread to share silly cat images and gifs.
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