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  1. Dwayne

    Announcement Help Pick a New Reaction Image!

    This was requested by @Punished_Senko awhile back and I figured I'd do another batch of reactions now because why not, but yes I need your help picking the next one of two new reaction images. The first one I've already chosen which is gonna be is the "Confused" reaction as a bunch of odd...
  2. Dwayne

    Misc Thread Creation Ettiquette

    "What should I make a thread on?" A question that passes through the mind of many a user on the forum. However, before making a thread ask yourself these questions before going forward: Is this topic already been discussed elsewhere? Does this topic warrant its own thread? (I.e. stuff like a...
  3. Dwayne

    Question How Can We Improve This Forum's UI & Aesthetic?

    Been meaning to make this thread for awhile. So, this forum's main criticism at the moment is with its UI and aesthetic, some outsiders believe its an eye sore and too amateurish, and to appeal people more we need to update it so this forum is nicer to look at. I have a few ideas of what we can...
  4. Null

    Experimental Unknown/Lost/Mystery Songs

    Ŭ̶͈n̵̰̐k̸̮͊n̴̮̎ơ̴͜w̶̡̽n̶̦̉/̴͍̒L̸̟̊o̶͍̕s̷̢̅t̴̢̓/̵̥̐Ḿ̴̹y̸̩͗s̶̼̕t̵̠͛ĕ̸̖r̵̤͊y̴̯͒ ̶̧̉S̵̢͠o̶̝͝n̶̹͑ḡ̶͚s̵̢̊ Post songs that to this day aren't identified (artist/s, real title, year, origin, etc); lost (only fragments of it remains)/songs of obscure origins; songs being used in esoteric...
  5. Khastle

    Vent How's life, MB?

    Out of curiosity, how are users on the Mariana Bay finding life at the moment? What I mean is how are you finding your current quality of living? Are you in your prime, downfall, limbo, etc. Looking back at my life, to be honest I've never been better. I have good friends, I go out most...
  6. N


    Someone leaked my booked please report this website!!!!
  7. Dwayne

    Info How to Turn Off Holiday Effects

    Just spent two hours figuring out how to code in this option when it turns out it came with the software... Anyways, @Punished_Senko and @nagolbud , click on your top right user menu page and press preferences And then press the circled button: Voila, no more snow or other holiday effects...
  8. Dwayne

    Info How to add images in your attachments to your post

    So I've noticed a lot of people uploading images and instead of adding them to their posts they are stuck in the attachments tab instead. In case anyone is unaware how to add images to their posts I've made this handy guide so you can show what you upload in it's full, optimal glory. 1. Add an...
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