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everybody on the internet argues like they know everything at any given time. those people are bad at measuring the distance between the tantrums they throw when they're trying to prove a point and the point they're trying to prove. i guess when everyone's had their way with you-- from the people you serve 1/3 of the day, all the way back to your mommy and daddy creators --you only have what little is left of you to form your self and your opinions. why wouldn't all your systems be wired to preemptively defend against attack at every opportunity after that much abuse? and by the people who have so much power and influence over you? blah blah blah argue, but your points are weak. you don't make good decisions because you were conditioned...
We are all suffering, and yet the only thing we can find ourselves doing is causing more misery then we ourselves could bare. I know that many of you feel the same, you cannot hide it, your all burning in hell within your own minds and yet and yet, all we have to show for is misery and spite, black pill or not, philosophy or not, we all know something is amiss. We are afraid of the lies we've been told and so to protect ourselves from hurt we form new ones, new illusion and with this realm which many incels (whether they are or aren't) have crafted a man made hell and we all know it and live it. How much more lying and trickery will it take until we wake up from this self-induced nightmare? Its gone on for to long! I cannot burn no...
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