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If you have been alive for the past 30-50 years you would notice an influx of lobotomites, oxygen thieves , wastes of space ETC that have shown up in modern culture. These individuals are known to be drains and cause no net positivity to their local environment and community . Examples of these people , would be weebs , furries ,cosplayers , larpers and so on. What causes these individuals to be like this is a multitude of factors , in which we can use the umbrella acronym of TNLS. TNLS , otherwise known as "Terminal No Life Syndrome" is a blanket term ive created so it is medically easier to diagnose and solve issues with a person and society at large. With the prevalence of the internet , heavy metals and micro plastics in our water ...
I'm aware this is probably a pretty bizarre discussion to have on a forum completely unrelated to psychology/philosophy but its a pet topic I like to float around my circles and was wondering what you guys would think about it. To preface this isn't a justification or endorsement of violent or psychotic behavior, it's just a thesis on human condition. Starting off with a personal anecdote to set the stage: A good mentor of mine and I were hanging out wasted, started trading stories about some of the fucked up shit we've seen/heard about in our lives. He told me about the time that he had also gotten drunk with another guy, a friend of his who was a shrink for the VA. He'd told him about one his clients, active duty ranger, and the...
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