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  1. Bibr

    Question I hereby come for feedback on my website ! I'm conflicted between 2 layouts for my blog entries and I would like to hear your input!

    After my first dabble with adding pictures to blog posts on my website I see that I need to come up with a new layout to better fit this purpose. RN I have an OG layout with images hard coded in (V1) an experimental, more flexible layout (V2) V1: Few pictures under every paragraph of text...
  2. Khastle

    Content Creation Indie Site Share

    This board has been rather quiet for awhile now so thought I'd make a thread to share cool small sites you and I have come across to help promote them and get their name out there. I'll gradually update the OP with new stuff I come across as I don't have mega amounts to share at the current...
  3. Khastle

    Content Creation Share your Neocities/Websites Just came across this neocities site I made a year ago today and I thought I'd make a thread on sharing the sites you've made or helped contribute towards. Let's see who here is best at web design and who is not (don't look at me). I also made a promotional...
  4. Khastle

    World News Omegle is Kill
  5. Khastle

    Announcement Making that Neocities Redirect

    University told me to play around with HTML so yeah gonna throw something together, nothing too special but after this might revive some of my old site projects and work on them again too. Anyways, the site exists now which I will link below: Any ideas for it...
  6. Khastle

    World News Shutting Down & Soybooru Hacked and Wiped

    Not a good week for the chuds out there, basically is shutting down as the admin couldn't afford the server costs no longer (I do wonder how much an imageboard like that costs to run) and Soybooru, the largest archive of wojaks out there, was hacked with every post deleted by what...
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