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  1. bandolerofuzz

    Vent Distractions

    There is a moment where a man can truly feel like he's at his peak. And then a new wave of crushing nothing-ness appears. It is disgusting... that thing... As if there were eyes everywhere, some kind of invisible thing infecting you, making you tired, depressed and distracted. From misery...
  2. bandolerofuzz

    Rant I hate these kinds of talks

    I absolutely despise the modern approach to discussing/"solving" the problems of the world. That is, by talking about peoples and individuals as if you were some kind of deity beyond this realm of existence. I've usually encountered two examples on my life: Example 1: some physical problem in...
  3. Bibr

    Rant You're supposed to be an expert in everything

    *breathe in* Fuckin boomers. Yes son, you have to be an expert in car mechanics, plumbing and have extensive knowledge on any fitness that you're doing. Eh, it's just so tiresome Sorry, but I don't fancy standing in the freezing cold to replace a timing belt. Especially as I don't have the...
  4. Khastle

    Rant NoNut November is fucking gay

    Genuinely why is every beta fag obsessed with this lame meme holiday every year? No, I'm not making this because I'm a coomer, I believe abstinence from porn and wanking is good for self-discipline and detoxing your brain from sex obsessed thoughts and lust, but God damn I have some of lamest...
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