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  1. Khastle

    Gaming N64 Recomps: N64 Games Being Made Native to PC!

    Another piece of really cool tech I've come across, this relatively new one essentially translates original N64 to C and can do this in seconds, with certain games even receiving raytracing, shadows, and other enhancements. The fact N64 emulation has annoyed people to the point where they are...
  2. Khastle

    Technology Absolutely Insane - Tech Autist Gets Raytracing Working on a SNES

    Ok, so it's come to my attention whilst making this thread that this isn't anything new, with the video(s) being posted three years ago now, but it's honestly so cool that I wouldn't be doing this technology the service it deserves by not sharing it on here. Essentially the fella has taken...
  3. BaloneyPony

    Content Creation A Collection of TES Writings

    I've been a Skyrim modder for quite some time and I enjoy writing small lore books for some of my mods to help flesh out some of the characters and stories. Most of these stories are written at least in part by a High Elf character I created as a sort of muse of in in-universe perspective. I...
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