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  1. Khastle

    World News Scotland's New Hate Crime Bill: Death of Free Speech in the North If you haven't heard, once again a branch of the British government has made...
  2. Khastle

    World News Moscow Concert Hall Shooting Some...
  3. Khastle

    World News Putin's Biggest Political Rival (Aleksei Navalny) Dies in Prison Never knew...
  4. Khastle

    World News Tucker Carlson Putin Interview

    Anyone seen it? I know they are threatening to ban him from the EU for it but gotta respect his balls for going through with this despite the threats
  5. Khastle

    Conspiracy Climate Author Claims UK Power Grid will COLLAPSE by 2035 It's mental how...
  6. Khastle

    World News Geert Wilders set to become Dutch Prime Minister Ok, first Argentina and now this? What's exactly going on? Why is this being allowed to happen now? Especially after the shady business in 2020 in America that showed the American people...
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