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  1. bandolerofuzz

    Literature Notes from Underground review

    I'm mostly assured that Fyodor wanted to write a essay about the modern world, but he might have noticed it sounded too presumptuous, so he wrote a story in the format of a novel better exercising his point of individual, society and the detachment between the the individual and the latter. You...
  2. reading and understanding "the republic" by plato

    reading and understanding "the republic" by plato

    my husband and i read books
  3. S0G

    Literature The Game Of Life And How To Play It (Florence Scovel Shinn)

    Link to the pdf It's an interesting approach to life.
  4. N

    Content Creation I created a book thing..

    Even if you hate it give me a nice review, <3
  5. SEVEN

    Content Creation SEVEN's Book (Reaper) (WIP)

    I am writing a book. The working title is "Reaper" but I may change it later. I plan for it to be quite massive in length, so this is actually very short in comparison to what I envision the final version to be. It is going to be a collection of self-contained short stories all centering around...
  6. Khastle

    Anime & Manga Legend of the Galactic Heroes Megathread

    Legend of the Galactic Heroes Legend of the Galactic Heroes has to be my most favourite anime of all time and funnily enough it was a recent watch too so this reasoning isn't fuelled by nostalgia by any means as I genuinely feel this anime is a masterpiece that everyone should watch. Many...
  7. Tedposter

    Comics Comic Books Megathread

    Let's have a thread dedicated to comic books. Talk about you favorite comics books, the comics that you hate, whatever. Well, let me start. I am a huge conan fan, my dad have a huge collection of conan magazine comics, when he was young, and he later give to me to read it I read all his "the...
  8. Dwayne

    Info Book Club Info

    You want a better way to discuss more in-depth into your favorite books or simply want to give a review of ones you've read? Well, this is the sub board for you.
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