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  1. Khastle

    Art All Things Web Animation

    This thread is essentially the nostalgic web animation thread but for newer animations you've come across and thoroughly enjoyed.
  2. Bibr

    Question learning to animate in Blender vs SFM

    Hello there. There's a sudden spark in me to learn and make some animations. I come here with a question, as probably someone already went through it should I take an easy route and animate in sfm ? Or bite the bullet and learn blender ? No matter which one I choose, I will be learning it from...
  3. Khastle

    Anime & Manga Space Dandy

    Space Dandy General Recently started watching Space Dandy and I can't believe how well it holds up almost ten years on so I thought I'd make a thread about it. The anime is about Dandy and his team searching the universe for undiscovered aliens so they can register them and get money to waste...
  4. Khastle

    Anime & Manga Anyone else remember when it was really weird to like anime/manga?

    It feels crazy to me how in the last few years how normalized liking anime has become. It would be something people would watch as a kid (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Studio Ghibli) and then be too embarassed to admit they still like when an adult. It was like being gay pre the 2010s, you would just not...
  5. Khastle

    Art Nostalgic Web Animation

    Nostalgic Web Animations So I recently came across Rawest Forest again which was one of the first ever web animations I watched as a kid and I thought I'd make a thread discussing them as they are an important part of internet history and are fun to reflect on and talk about. Share your...
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