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Conspiracy Australia's Ruby Ridge


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Apr 2, 2023
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Dwayne's Basement, Mariana Bay
Does anyone else remember this story from Decemeber of last year? It's been memoryholed so much now that I only just remembered it at work today and just had to write about it:

A TL;DR of the case: A headmaster called Nathaniel Train from Queensland has a heart attack induced by a cheating row at his school and his mental health declines rapidly. Decides to move out to rural Queensland with his brother and his wife who just so happen to be preppers with caches of weapons, supplies, everything you'd need really. Anyways, this sets off alarmbells for his local community as he informed no one else about his drop out from society, kinda just vanishing, and a missing persons is put out by the feds, taking them over a year to locate him down to his brother's property, which is where all hell broke loose: 6 officers show up, four are killed by the family and even the neighbour gets caught in the crossfire and killed until eventually the family of three gets executed by the remaining two police officers in a siege that lasted over six hours.
I don't even remember this being spoke about much in the news, perhaps intentionally, but yeah seems to me that the family freaked out and decided to go full guns blazing as they thought the feds were after their guns or something as damn what a great loss of life over a missing persons warrant. Apparently there was some love triangle involved too or something but idk too much about it, but overall it does show some people just want to be left alone.
So let me ask you reader: were they really concerned about Nathaniel's well-being in this case or was something else more sinister afoot?
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