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  1. XieXie

    Jungle VX3000 mixes and documentaries

    Sekia sessions is a jungle/dnb mix that was created by youtube user VX3000 to complement his documentary video on the history of a drifting track in Japan called Sekia Hills. A new mix was just released a day ago so I thought I should post both of them plus the documentary in case anyone is...
  2. Khastle

    Art All Things Web Animation

    This thread is essentially the nostalgic web animation thread but for newer animations you've come across and thoroughly enjoyed.
  3. cultofgettingoutofcults

    Experimental i searched "poopcore" on youtube

    some samples of what i found
  4. the matrix dub

    the matrix dub

    maybe it'll provide a chuckle from @stahlmasterentertainment's 3rd reenactment of the matrix. made for my home economics class
  5. SEVEN

    Content Creation To See Without Seeing (Shilling my YouTube Channel)

    My buddy Arcade101 edited this neato vidya and I uploaded it to my jewtoob. You Can find him on these forums somewhere, surfing them waves, riding into the sunset, knocking on the sky and listening to the sound. Check it out if ya want. I think it's pretty good... *nervously pokes ends of...
  6. Khastle

    Casual Favourite YouTubers

    OK lads who is, or are, your favourite YouTubers? Mine has to be Count Dankula at the moment, watched his Ruby Ridge coverage the other day and it was class: He is genuinely one of last politically incorrect popular YouTubers on the platform who still makes high-quality videos. His older...
  7. Khastle

    Meme Anarchy

    You know what this thread is and you know the rules. But for those uninformed: this thread has no subject, post what you want.
  8. Khastle

    Serious MarianaDebates: Live Debate Between Memoryhead & Nagolbud

    This is a brilliant idea I just had and I'm willing to be the meditator for it if both two parties are willing to go through. If you haven't noticed in this thread ( @nagolbud and @MemoryHead 記念頭部 have been...
  9. Dwayne

    Content Creation Mariana Bay's YouTube Channel

    So some are not aware we have a YouTube channel so I'm linking it here for brevity's sake. Be sure to check it out as we already have some great content which I'm sure you'll enjoy:
  10. ignika98

    High IQ Old vs New YouTube and the Consolidation of the Internet

    YouTube is a very interesting website. Among all the internet giants, YouTube has likely changed the most. To the point where it's purpose now is arguably completely different to when it first launched. What do I mean by this? Well, YouTube launched as a sort of "video based social media site"...
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