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  1. Null

    Experimental Unknown/Lost/Mystery Songs

    Ŭ̶͈n̵̰̐k̸̮͊n̴̮̎ơ̴͜w̶̡̽n̶̦̉/̴͍̒L̸̟̊o̶͍̕s̷̢̅t̴̢̓/̵̥̐Ḿ̴̹y̸̩͗s̶̼̕t̵̠͛ĕ̸̖r̵̤͊y̴̯͒ ̶̧̉S̵̢͠o̶̝͝n̶̹͑ḡ̶͚s̵̢̊ Post songs that to this day aren't identified (artist/s, real title, year, origin, etc); lost (only fragments of it remains)/songs of obscure origins; songs being used in esoteric...
  2. Khastle

    Conspiracy Just Stop Oil: A Massive Psyop to make Climate Activism look bad?

    Just Stop Oil, a UK based climate activist group who's goal is to ruin everyone's day in order to bring awareness about global warming and climate change. Since their founding in 2022 they quickly became a household name but not for the right reasons which we will discuss below. First off, how...
  3. Bibr

    Paranormal ARG / EAS / Internet mysteries

    Small thread to share your favourite arg / eas/ internet stories. I'm not really deep into this subject... Scratching the surface I should say. But there are still few series that caught my eye. Mostly thanks to Nexpo. Some of my favourites include: I'm also quite aware of petscop. However...
  4. Khastle

    Paranormal The Hat Man: Have You Seen Him?

    The Hat Man: Have You Seen Him? Prelude This is an article detailing a rather interesting entity spotted all around the globe known simply as The Hat Man. He is tall, imposing, and frightening to look upon, but harmless in nature (mostly). He appears in the realms of dreams and drug...
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