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  1. MemoryHead 記念頭部


    NEW ep drop. give thoughts or criticism. is free (for now) but any donations are appreciated. thanks, homies
  2. MemoryHead 記念頭部

    Vaporwave [2023] Memoryhead - Frostproof

    Some new tunes for the fine folks here. lmk what you think :)
  3. MemoryHead 記念頭部

    Vaporwave [2021] Memoryhead - Destroyer

    Dropped this about 2 years ago. Went through a VW phase and put this out. Leave me some comments. Weed recommended (jk). I'll give a brief rundown on some of the songs To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the release it is free, but donos are accepted and appreciated. Thanks dawgs Tobu: Was...
  4. Khastle

    Serious MarianaDebates: Live Debate Between Memoryhead & Nagolbud

    This is a brilliant idea I just had and I'm willing to be the meditator for it if both two parties are willing to go through. If you haven't noticed in this thread ( @nagolbud and @MemoryHead 記念頭部 have been...
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