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  1. ThirdyAughtSix

    Rant Life legitmately has not been worth living these past few months

    Im not suicidal and i don't really feel like killing myself but damn has the past few months been really fuckin demoralizing , just shit in life and my own stagnation has caused me to not really value life recently , I am what the buzzword retards on tiktok would call "low inhibition". Nothing...
  2. S0G

    Literature The Game Of Life And How To Play It (Florence Scovel Shinn)

    Link to the pdf It's an interesting approach to life.
  3. Lord_hierophantūs

    High IQ The Poetry & Writings of the Hierophant

    The tears you weep, cannot be there with you when you sleep. Stop wishing for death and for things that will never come, labor for it or your day is done, people are not likable is man’s common flaw. Life is a created hell which leaves us sad at dawn, Life is unbearable because of one...
  4. Khastle

    Vent How's life, MB?

    Out of curiosity, how are users on the Mariana Bay finding life at the moment? What I mean is how are you finding your current quality of living? Are you in your prime, downfall, limbo, etc. Looking back at my life, to be honest I've never been better. I have good friends, I go out most...
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