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  1. Tedposter

    Hobby Toy collection

    Do you guys collect toys? Some time ago I started collecting toy cars. I started picking up used ones This one is the only one thar I have that is from "maisto" These three cars were part of a collection that took place in Brazil. (I don't remember the name) Yellow is also part of this...
  2. BaloneyPony

    Content Creation A Collection of TES Writings

    I've been a Skyrim modder for quite some time and I enjoy writing small lore books for some of my mods to help flesh out some of the characters and stories. Most of these stories are written at least in part by a High Elf character I created as a sort of muse of in in-universe perspective. I...
  3. Khastle

    Music Tech Walkmans & Cassette Culture

    Walkmans & Cassette Culture I thought it was almost criminal that I own a music forum and I didn't have a thread dedicated to the walkman and cassette technology in general so I decided to make one. Share the casette players you own in this thread and even the cassettes you've collected over...
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