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atmospheric dnb

  1. XieXie

    Jungle VX3000 mixes and documentaries

    Sekia sessions is a jungle/dnb mix that was created by youtube user VX3000 to complement his documentary video on the history of a drifting track in Japan called Sekia Hills. A new mix was just released a day ago so I thought I should post both of them plus the documentary in case anyone is...
  2. Khastle

    Jungle Jungle Fatigue

    Jungle Fatigue is one of my favourite music compilation series to come out in the last year and the third one is as awesome as the last so I wanted to share it on here: I believe the cassettes are still up for grabs if you wish to get one, I have ofc as same with the last one: Great comp...
  3. Cyberian Shirayuki

    Music Tech My Cds

    I had some CDs made for my atmospheric DnB tape and was wondering if anyone else still likes CDs? I was thinking about making cassettes but I don't know anyone with a cassette player. What's your thoughts (You can buy my CD here...
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