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  1. Malice

    Ambience Dark Ambience & Drone

    Listening to dark ambient music when those sad nigga hours roll in at around 3AM feels pretty cathartic. It's like a controled burn.
  2. Bibr

    Artist Hiroshi Yoshimura - Biography and Discography summary

    In this third thread I want to bring to light works of Hiroshi Yoshimura. A person that’s considered by many to be a pioneer in the field of ambient music in Japan. Also due to being almost a generation ahead of earlier mentioned composers. Information about his works Is even more scarce. This...
  3. Bibr

    Ambience Ken-Ichiro Isoda - Discography and other works summary

    This one might be slightly shorter, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth your time. As we’re moving from ambient forest to the seashore. With Ken-Ichiro Isoda – Where ambience meets the ocean Now that I have your attention. In this thread I want to bring your attention to Ken-Ichiro Isoda...
  4. Bibr

    Artist Takashi Kokubo - Biography and Discography summary

    Small introduction Japanese ambient music is a gerne that has only recently reached the general public. Thanks to the various blessings of YouTube algorithms and fans spreading the word. Music that was destined to become a "lost media" is enjoying its renaissance. Raise in popularity of certain...
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