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Music Analysis

Insightful views into music artists, techniques, and styles
In this third thread I want to bring to light works of Hiroshi Yoshimura. A person that’s considered by many to be a pioneer in the field of ambient music in Japan. Also due to being almost a generation ahead of earlier mentioned composers. Information about his works Is even more scarce. This thread won’t be a full summary by any means. Amount of mentions without a reference (smth I should’ve been also doing kek) makes most online resources a copypaste. Hopefully it won’t be so apparent here. Hiroshi Yoshimura - Pioneer of ambience Hiroshi Yoshimura was born in 1940. At the age of 24 he finished literature and art faculty at Waseda university in Tokyo. His 20’s were filled with Fluxus. A movement of artists that focused on...
This one might be slightly shorter, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth your time. As we’re moving from ambient forest to the seashore. With Ken-Ichiro Isoda – Where ambience meets the ocean Now that I have your attention. In this thread I want to bring your attention to Ken-Ichiro Isoda. Japanese musical Swiss tool. A person that left his mark on early 90’s Japanese healing ambient, as well as contributed by making music to various movies and even games. This time split will be slightly different. Focusing each chapter to one field of his work Music Let’s start nice and easy. With his music. Ken-Ichiro Isoda started to release his albums in 1990. With first release being “Meditation of Clammbon” . A calming track, focused as...
Small introduction Japanese ambient music is a gerne that has only recently reached the general public. Thanks to the various blessings of YouTube algorithms and fans spreading the word. Music that was destined to become a "lost media" is enjoying its renaissance. Raise in popularity of certain composers that can be compared to an explosion in popularity that Masayoshi Takanaka or group Casiopea is enjoying. In this small series want to focus of couple of more popular Japanese composers of ambient music. I will make sure to leave couple bread crumbs for people that crave the yet unexplored and still fairly nishe. Takashi Kokubo – Takanaka’s accidental relative I know I promised something of a mega thread with various artists, but...
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