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Tales from the Internet

Named after Whang's renowned online series. Share the bizarre online stories you've come across or even your own.
(Originally posted by me on another forum on 17/10/2021) In August of 2012, the fine people at PepsiCo held an online contest to decide the name of their new apple flavoured Mountain Dew. They held it in high hopes of receiving mature and sensible answers that could help them sell a decent product to the public, but this is the internet we are talking about and it wasn't before long the last group of people PepsiCo would want to enter their contest found their new website: the /b/ board of 4chan Gushing Granny was first to take the lead but a fair chunk of the board thought that was not hard-hitting enough of a name and decided to take it a step further. It didn't help that while all this was going on, PepsiCo had very exploitable...
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