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Casual Poetry and some quotes and one essay


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Aug 2, 2023
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My perceptions of reality

I think that there is a reality in which all beings here on earth and in other places exist, the principles are fixed in terms of physical laws and spiritual, to come to know them and understand them would give one an immense ability to understand his reality and who or what created it, for we do not exist the same way as other creatures of material phenomena, rather we exist in accordance with principles which reside within creation that exist independent of us and it is our job to come and understand these laws, because when man first set stone against stone, he understood that it created fire, but he could not comprehend possibly the essence of WHY it happened, it could be possible that he understood it as “I know that this stone when smashed against another causes a type of light to come into being, that will do.” so he knew how (which is the end result) and the why (the reason for the physical phenomena, now I also wish to add onto this and say, I believe it is possible for the modern man to think the exact same line of thought as primitive man did in those days, for when closely examined the thoughts of man can only be communicated either via symbols or the spoken word, thus I think it is possible for me to think the exact same idea which came through our ancestors mind. For the thoughts of man can only come to a sort of alignment only when the mind has reached a state of being which is capable of understanding higher or lower thought for example it is self explanatory that all languages have the capacity to express a state of being called hunger,

it may sound different, it can be three words, to maybe one, either way the concept and expression is still the same. Why exactly does this matter specifically? Because in trying to understand our reality we must come to an understanding of it through one of the means we know how, language, symbols, the written word, art, which ever way communicates the main idea, what matters is precisely that the idea, thus we must through reason and proper intuition seek after the one thing all philosophers and mystery traditions are after TRUTH, my definition of this word will be explained later, but in the mean time I must express what I have learned so far and some may be incorrect and some insane, what matters is to get it out. Truth is power, because it allows for man to exercise control and change within creation, how he does it quite simple, I remember listening to an AI lecture regarding the introduction to Artificial intelligence and what I remember vividly was the “the rumple still skin effect” in essence “once you can define it, you have power over it” so with this concept in mind, what then is this thing we are defining as truth and why is it so important that it must be veiled through symbolism and complex allegory, or even never written and could only be communicated via through initiation into a mystery school which you may not guarantee entry? Essentially, truth is if I understand it properly truth is that which does not change, truth is that which has occurred, truth is an act or representation of that under consideration, which has correlation and relationship to all other things, which has ever been in the past, universally in the present and will withhold without error in the future,

remember truth is an “act or representation” which means there cannot be any error within the act or representation, it must can either be proved via experimentation or logically be deduced to, but which ever way you go on about it the conclusion is the same. So again, why is truth so important, simply put if you had a knowledge of a thing, do you really understand it? What then is wisdom? Essentially, knowledge has only become power when it applied and proven true, that is what wisdom is, universal truth, because it is the same in the beginning, same yesterday and same when it was first put into being. Truth is hidden for a few reason 1. to create a power imbalance, 2. it can be weaponized, 3. you can manipulate the minds of men with it. 4. you can control the environment or create new ones with it, 5. you can increase your level of self-awareness and that of others when you apply it, 6. you can use it to enslave others with it I.e limit their self-awareness. But what you can never do is destroy or deny its existence, hence the old saying “truth is there, but you have to look for it.” and from puff the magic dragon “like all lowly stupid beings, they think they can deny divinity, by hiding it.”. Again it is important because you have the power and ability to affect change within creation and he who does not know this truth or principle is at the mercy of he who does not know


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Aug 2, 2023
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The mysteries

Odd is this world,
that I exist in space,
I know not,
what is the human race?
I watch those above and those below,
I ponder and wonder why and where of
of things and what there circuits are;
In wonder and joy I smile,
but something touches my heart to the core,

Suffering, suffering, suffering!
I watch them live,
and I watch them die,
and still I wonder why?
Why did they come into being?
what must be done to make it so?
How is any of this possible?

Mystery, mystery, mystery!
Oh! How I wonder why,
but soon even I know,
that I am destined to die,
and still I know not why.

The swine, the snake, the fowl!
Desire grips me by the throat,
hatred blackened and charcoaled cremated care,
Ignorance of the suffering of others.
I desire what I cannot have,
I hate those I despise,
I ignore what I do not like.
The circle of suffering leads me astray,
as my body becomes a corpse,
my life is going away.

I come into being,
I grow,
I see,
I think,
I feel,
I get sick,
I get old,
I die,
I come out of being.

Mystery this life is, I wonder why or what it could have been,
but let my tears and fears go,
as I smile and watch the world go,
I let go, no longer to have or to keep,
it was never mind or so I thought,
here now,
my body rots,
and as I see the world I knew,
neither past or future but the moment,
seeing buildings on top of what was once dirt,
houses on what was once fields,
mans feet on earth,
mans wings in the sky,
mans spirit flying on high,
See how everything was and what is?
That which was, will soon disappear,
"oh! those days as it had been!"
Nothing ever changed, just things coming anew.

So you see, there's nothing to fear.


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Aug 2, 2023
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Deep in spirit,
I let go of all things,
material I no longer need,
attachments to others no more.

I have given up black anger,
filled with compassion and self respect,
I can love others because I love myself,
With hate I fill with righteous indignation,
Aligning with reality I see things as they are,
Suffer I do not,
self harm I do not,
cause of suffering I have understanding,
Freedom my "I" is achieved,
illusions and delusions I have been set free.

Forgiven those who have wronged me,
I allow my self to feel,
it comes and goes,
moving like a dharma wheel,

Neither to the left nor to the right,
neither in abstinence nor in indulgence,
Not to be in duality is to be in union,
union of the masculine and the feminine,
yin and yang,
blade and chalice,
left and right hemispheres,
peace is achieved,
enlightenment is achieved,
action is what you need.

Son, get thee discernment of judgment!
good from evil,
right from wrong,
truth from lie,
error from fact,
correct from incorrect.


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Aug 2, 2023
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A world that can be, a world that could be.
A place for you and a place for me.
But the evil and profane won't
let it be!
We don't need them anymore!
Once there was olden times,
Once there was an unseen world.
People were coerced to stay in line,
and the priest and bibles
did serve their goals!

With my words of steel!
Watch me slash away!
righteous Christian,
There all plagues!
So lets build anew!
We don't need them Anymore!

Life & death
destiny & fate
Past & future
Hear me well!
For my heart burns in fire
within this hell!

I will change this land
within the mind!
I'll smash the profane man!
For I am right!

Let the ancestors of old
fight for life!
While we seek
out & maintain
the light!

And beyond survival
we will live & thrive!

With lies! Deceit! Illusion!
Willful ignorance! Delusion!
Procule este profani!


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Aug 2, 2023
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Oh, how time has passed,
I can never see it again!

I can't take back
what I said or did,
Maybe one day I'll see her again!

oh, how I cried my tears alone! (x2)
Someday man will figure out
how to touch the sky!

Oh, how time passes by!
oh, how we wonder why!
Still to no prevail!

Maybe things will change?
I can't take back what
I said or did.

I'll die, sure; though I wonder why,
of how things can be.
yet things stay the same.

Spread out your table cloth!
Come with me,
for an adventure of a life time!

Wipe your tears, I'm here!
You're not alone!
So long as I'm here,
I won't let go!



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Aug 2, 2023
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"A dream is a tyrants nightmare,
for if he can conceive a better world,
He will desire change and will act to make it so."

A world that can be

There is a world that could be,
There is a world that can be,
A place for you,
a place me,
but the evil & profane,
won't let it be!
We don't need them

Once there was an unknown world,
once did the prince of darkness rule for a time,
people were coerced to stay in line!
and useful dupes & order followers
did serve those goals.

With their fear of the whip!
And there paper thin sin!
They could coerce the people
to live in a pen like prison!
A mental hell!
They can't control or hurt me anymore!

Oh! This life of horror!
Soon ends well!
For my heart is driven mad,
for my heart is burns like fire
within this hell!

Deep within the mind!
The hidden truths within the mind! (of this life!)
We'll smash the profane man!
For I am right!

Let the ancestors of old
fight for life!
While we seek out
& maintain the light!

And we'll live peacefully so!

So it is thought!

The way things could be

I need you,
you need me,
let's eat peaches
& talk about
how the world
can be,
under the juniper tree.


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Aug 2, 2023
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While we live
and slowly rot,
you and I
are all we have.
Time will pass,
our skin decays,
and in the end
we await our fate,
we are the dead,
the door is there,
but we dare
not open it.

There is nothing
more to do,
accept be here for
you and you for me.
That one day,
you will fade into dust
at least you won't die alone.

You have someone here,
who won't go,
who won't torment you,
who won't belittle you,
who won't see you go
without a goodbye.

So when it happens,
you'll be in my arms,
the last words you
will ever hear
"I need you,
you need me,
let's both eat peaches
and talk about how the
world could be
under the juniper tree."


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Aug 2, 2023
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I'm in my mind.
I feel it;
I feel it;
Something demands release.
But I feel a blockage,
But I know its there,
ever present,
yearns for release and freedom.

Divinity, sacred feminine,
cry out!
"get out! Get out!"
"leave before it is to late!"
"don't leave me to die in here please!"

I walk as if alive, but in mind I'm dead.
Little activity,
little thinking,
little emotion,
dead I feel,
passively observing,
never acting in participation.

Wake up, wake up please!
Don't die, don't die please!
You can't die like this!
Please, will it into being!
Don't stop now!

Insanity, parents talk,
shallow as a river,
dead inside,
traumatized by life.
Given up,
dying, dying dead.
Walking like humans,
really they are beast.

I've got to get out of here,
there is a better world,
there is a place where I can be free,
I can't stop or give in now,
I can't,
I can't,
I can't,
I can't,
I can't,
You've got to get out of here before it is to late,
You can't stay like this,
You're dying inside,
Get out!
Wake up!
This is not how the world or you should be!
Wake up and and be made anew!
Become alive!

Dead thou art, animate! Become alive! Arise!


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Aug 2, 2023
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Empty as a husk, like a body without flesh and only a skeleton,
A soul so traumatized the devils breath seems an option to consider,
To shake my fist in Gods face for what I have endured,
So great is my remorse and longing for forgiveness;
the likes o've which you do not know.


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Aug 2, 2023
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"The limit's of your imagination are the limits of your thoughts."

"The quality of the output is determined by the quality of the input."

-The hierophant

"All the things and the kinds that come about
surely have a point from which they start out.
Honor or disgrace that comes unto you
surely reflects your degree of virtue.
In rotten meat bugs are generated.
In fish that's spoiled maggots are created.
Lazy, haughty men who forget their place
shall have misfortune and ruin to face.
Rigid things get themselves used for bracing.
Pliant things get themselves used for lacing.
If with corruption your person is filled,
It's this upon which hate toward you will build."

The Xunzi from: An exhortation on learning

"In a degenerate society. those who posses the wealth of the land and are in positions of authority over others exhaust the energy of the common people to serve their own desires."

"In a confused nation, those whom everyone praises are rewarded even if they have done nothing to merit it."

"when society is orderly, a fool alone cannot disturb it; when society is chaotic, a sage alone cannot bring order."

"When people are influenced by their rulers, they follow what the rulers do, not what they say."

"punishments and penalties are not enough to change habits; executions and massacres are not enough to prevent treachery. Only spiritual influence is valuable."

"When political leaders ruin their countries and wreck their lands, themselves to die at others' hands, a laughing stock of all the world, it is always because of their desires."

"The life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." Thomas Hobbes Leviathan

“I had all the characteristics of a human being—flesh, blood, skin, hair—but my depersonalization was so intense, had gone so deep, that my normal ability to feel compassion had been eradicated, the victim of a slow, purposeful erasure. I was simply imitating reality, a rough resemblance of a human being, with only a dim corner of my mind functioning”
Bret Easton Ellis, “American Psycho”


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Aug 2, 2023
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Everything is inverted,
has been perverted,
I don't understand,
I don't know,
I don't care.

And as you rot away,
returning to dust,
what was it worth?
This body of husk?

Nothing you do matters,
you forget them,
and they forget you,
no matter what you do
there is nothing you can do.

Awakened and arisen, to only walk in slumber,
your not alive or awake,
but something worse.

Left is right,
up is down,
were burning in hell,
still I frown.

Wake up! They say,
to the truth,
when I open my eyes,
all I see it horror,
and a self inflicted demise.

I'm told how to live,
I'm told how to die,
but if I decide how to live and die,
I'm not a good guy.


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Aug 2, 2023
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Contradiction, illusion, insanity

Up is down,
down is up,
left is right,
right is left,
good is evil,

My mind is burning,
but my environment is stable,
I’m being torn asunder,
why can’t they hear my screams?

My act is backwards,
my words inverted,
everything is egotistically perverted.

My thoughts are of me and only me,
my thoughts are only centered around
what I can see,
nothing else exist but me,
nothing is here accept
what I deem it to be.

Fear is crown,
cunning is scepter,
fear my motivator,
power my abuser,
it’s a means to an end,
with all my might;
this life is strife.

The trapezoid
Stuck in thought,
lower gate,
I go in circles
and await my fate,
duality is supreme,
and if I’m fit I’ll live in glee.
In circles I go,
around the trapezoid
the ego is hit,
always the same place
as I have just been.
Egoic thought
and egoic will,
still I’m trapped,
inside an animal will.

(start)I write my feelings away,
soon my bones will wither and decay,
who will remember me
or recite my name?
Tis a brutish life we live,
here in the iron game.

Take, take, take.
Take as much as you can,
take what you can get,
Take as much from them as they would from you.

I have a mouth and I won’t scream

Tears I cry late at night,
wondering why and wherefore
of this perpetual strife,
misery, misery is my name
it’s the role I’ve been
called to play.

Still I must shout, but I can’t
“if your sad, your talking with the devil!”
“if you complain, you are a bad person!”
“if you deny my authority over you, you disobey god!”.
What a hell we live,
a life of sorrow and woe,
tis a game we play with wooden blocks
that soon go and fade away.
Alone at night my mind wonders,
thinking the time and night away,
I await the coming end of the human race.
I shout to those above and some below
“let your tears flow”.


Aug 14, 2023
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Of all the things I have done,
I do not know who or what I am,
afraid of the larger world,
I escape into a darkened hole.

To afraid to talk to others,
but deranged enough to cause
another to suffer.
Traumatized by recent events,
I write this poem to vent.

I tell myself "I wish I knew",
but in reality I'm a coward,
I indulged in my desires,
in the end I failed my mental empire.

I cry alone in a little place,
afraid of Gods curse
he has set in place,
I wish I had peace,
no one or thing
to disturb my peace.

All I want is peace within
and peace without,
Yet in my stupidity
I create chaos.

In the dark I laid,
wasting my life away,
there is a reality
I don't want to face.

I can't look God in the face
for what I have done,
I won't forgive myself for what I've done.
Bullied into submission
I give up on my divine mission.

I hate myself........
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