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Mar 31, 2023
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Mariana Bay
Mariana Bay's Purpose & Misconceptions

There may be some people out there who may be confused about this forum's purpose and have some misconceptions about it so I'm writing this forum entry to give a better idea on where I want to go with this forum.

For the utmost, as explained in this forum post here (https://forum.marianabay.com/threads/why-use-the-mariana-bay.30/), I want the Mariana Bay to exist as a space for people to freely express themselves without judgement or persecution for thinking outside the norm. Obviously certain topics we can't allow (refer to the rules, rule 1 especially) but other than that I want the Mariana Bay to be a forum where you can shoot the shit and not have to feel like you're walking through a minefield in case you offend someone or whatever. We aren't trying to appease anyone and we don't care how others see us neither, we simply want to have a good time and bring back that old web culture and vibe that's been gone from many places of the web for too long. Moreover, we want to transparent; too many social media platforms these days make decisions behind their userbase's backs or don't listen to their input which I feel is despicable so here we want to do things differently, as in we want this place to be community run and make an effort to make this site the best place for you guys as possible by listening to you and hearing your input before drastic decisions are made. We want to hold ourselves accountable too in case of screw ups and not let foul play slide as too many site's unfortunately do. All in all, I want this site to exist as an equal place for all from all sorts of backgrounds where they can say what they want to say and be who they want to be without the fear of being silenced hanging over them.

Mariana Bay exists as it's own unique entity and was in no way made to compete with any other forum or website. While it's general aesthetic and appearance can be compared to other sites, it merely has been inspired and this site doesn't exist out of spite or any other perceived motive. I'm genuinely passionate about the old web movement and see the importance of more smaller forums popping up to rise again to fight back against the monopoly on communication Reddit and Discord now have, and want this site to be part of that. Decentralised forums are so important in keeping the web free and the more retro forums like this the better.

That's all I want to say, I'm tired and might return to this to add further points but mostly made this to clear up some questions here and there.
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