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Forum Update Change Y2K Cafe into a World News and Current Events Board?


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Mar 31, 2023
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I want opinions on this, looking down at all the current boards I'm quite happy with what we've got and they almost all serve a valid purpose, however one I feel is quite unnecessary which is Y2K Cafe, and that it could be repurposed for a board we more likely need: A world news and current events board. Initially I was opposed to having a world news board, mostly out of fears it becoming a /pol/ level shitfest, but I've got to acknowledge just how much good discussion such a board brings to the site, and if properly moderated, could bring more activity to the site. Looking at the current threads in Y2K Cafe they can easily fit into other boards without issue and since this forum is a nostalgic board in its entirety anyways is an exclusive nostalgia board really even necessary? The World News board would fit into being the sister board to Paranormal Mall anyways, like how Tune Town is the sister board to EDM Plaza, as the board will be all about questioning current world events like how Paranormal Mall is about questioning paranormal events.

I dunno, I want you guys thoughts before I make any changes. Feedback is always appreciated.
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