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  1. Khastle

    DnB wipE'out' - The Zero Gravity Soundtrack

    Not sure if anyone is familiar with the PS1 game wipE'out' but it's getting a remixed remaster album of its soundtrack and it's pretty awesome ngl, with that 90s DnB and Jungle you know and love. Check it out below!
  2. Khastle

    Gaming Videogame Music Exchange

    Videogame Music Exchange How the hell has this not been made yet? Post banging vidya game music in here, thx.
  3. Khastle

    Film Italian Film Soundtracks

    Italian Film Soundtracks People seem to forget during the mid 20th century Italy had a booming film industry and holy moly there are some banger tunes from these movies that I want to share and dedicate this thread to:
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