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  1. XieXie

    Rock Rocks

    Here's a general thread to post any kind of rock music. I just wanted a place to share some indie and punk type of music and other stuff since we have a metal thread already for heavier things. A hidden gem indie album. <3 "one two three four five six" 🗣️📣 But really, "Clash" and "Star...
  2. Steve_The

    Rock Prog rock for pretentious posters

    I'm surprised there wasn't already a thread for this so here goes. PROG ROCK THREAD Post your wonkiest groves
  3. Khastle

    Rock Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth has Died Sad news today in the music world, Steve Harwell has died. For those unfamiliar, he was the singer of All Star, yes, that song in Shrek which the band is most known for. He died from liver failure which is...
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